How is your weather?


Ended up with 1.6" of rain and a bit of frost this morning. Looks like we bottomed out right at 32, shouldn’t have impacted my fruit trees much if at all.


We got 0.5 before midnight last night per the measurer at MSU extension in ludington. We got more rain last night but that won’t be posted until tomorrow as far as the amount.

I have red haven peach in full bloom, a harrow delight pear (first pear to ever bloom) about 50% bloom, gala with petals opening up and chestnut crab at about 50% bloom. Supposed to have a random frost tonight as it’s a high of 55 today and bottoming out around 32 tonight before back in the high 60s for the foreseeable future. Not to worried I think I’ll have a good fruit set again this year for whats blooming.

I was really hoping my flemish beauty pear on OHxF87 would bloom this year. I planted it in 2015 and it’s about 12 feet tall now and some good laterals but no flowers as it’s fully awake now. Foooie!


56F//// east wind blowing 20 to 30 and heavy cloud cover. Not awful, but not exactly thong weather.

Should be a tick up in the temps starting tomorrow… Weds-Sun showing 70F to 80F everyday…with a few rain chances… Averages are really creeping up this time of year so 70F is about norm.


Just won’t stop raining


one good thing about it here is i put in 3 trees and 10 bushes last week. i don’t have to water them and as long as its raining theres no chance of a late frost. supposed to clear out finally tom.


At least it’s not snowing :snowman:

Rain is a lot heavier now. Took forever to get in here. Ugh… yucky weather.


Best time to plant trees is in the rain. I moved a row of arbs that had been planted a year or 2 (bad spot) in a heavy rainstorm…all of them lived and thrived in their new location for years until i removed them because they got huge.


Wind advisory here. Steady wind at 25-30 with gusts around 40-45. Rain coming tonight and tomorrow they say.


SUN, SUN, SUN!!! Finally and for a whole week! :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sunflower::sunflower::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sunflower::sunflower::sunflower:


Expecting low 30’s here tonight.


same here tom. night. going to have to cover a few plants and move some others i was trying to harden off, into the greenhouse !


Here ya go…Some heat for y’all…I might have to start watering just in case…It wouldn’t be so bad if it would rain a time or two a week…Went from comfortable to hot as hell like overnight…


I’m ready for some rain, already…a trace to a quarter in two weeks. None in the 10-day forecast to speak of. Going to have to water.


Its been pouring here for hours. We need a drought. It has been so wet the past few years it seems. Very odd weather pattern. I’ll have to dig a little and see when our last really dry year was.


Late summer was very dry here last year in western Wisconsin.


It was a dry summer here last year as well, but last fall we more than got caught up.

.6" overnight and it’s still raining. They say maybe another .5" today.

There is more standing water here than I have ever seen, but I’ve only been here since '12. Half of our garden plot has standing water. At least there’s nothing planted there yet. I don’t want a drought, but a week - ten days of 70s and sun would be welcome. Too bad our 10 day forecast shows 0 days with a high of 70 or more.


We got down to 34 last night. Forecast is looking better at night now.


After cold rainy, windy day yesterday, I was in winter coat, we finally have 80 degree day today. 30 degrees difference in one day! I hope the temperature stays so I can have my winter coat washed and put away


frost warnings for tonite!


My garden is planted, but nothing is doing well there this year. Standing water between the rows, soil washed away, leaves yellowing, plants stunted …

Strawberries will be ripening, and I fear rot