How is your weather?


Our dew point went from 4 to 61 in 20 minutes time. That’s the dry line swinging back and forth.


Has been realtively dry and warm here, we had to take to the water hose to our garden plots as we’ve had almost no real rain since planting last Friday. We got a shower this morning, so that should help get things going. Saw a few sprouts today of cukes, beans, okra, peas, no corn is up yet.

I’ve been watching the severe weather back home on the various channels, has been a rough week for them. My aunt and uncle had a tornado pass within a couple miles of their place in NE OK Monday night. She messaged me, said they had some roof damage and limbs down, very fortunate it wasn’t worse. They had warnings and got in their storm shelter before it hit. The Arkansas River in Tulsa could hit its second highest flood levels ever in a couple days. Hopefully this moves on and they can dry out. Think my hometown in that area got over 7" in a day or so.

Saw that SW and central Missouri got hit bad last night, said an EF3 tornado hit Jefferson City, lots of damage. Don’t know if they were talking about that twister, but said it was on the ground 80 minutes! Wonder how @Derby42, @Bede, @Borer_the_explorer, @Ahouse422 and others are doing there.


I’m ok, pretty wicked storms but nothing severe an hour east of KC. Hope everyone else is ok.


The worst of the storms went a ways North of here. It’s been a weird spring. Temps have been pretty cool and really wet following the wettest winter in decades. We’ve only had minor flooding this spring despite all the rain. I keep telling people that this must be what it’s like to garden in England or Seattle. I asked an old timer at church about his tomatoes a few weeks back and he joked that he was thinking about pulling them out and planting rice.


I feel like a paddy farmer whenever I step down into my lower yard

squish! squish!


We got rain almost every day past week and more rain in the coming week. Ground is very saturated, I am worried about the trees might not be able to take it any more. Any magic words I can use to pray not to rain?


its been the same here. luckily we had a dry spell at the beginning of may that allowed the water levels to come down. yesterday we had our 1st sunny day in 9 days. back to rain again today and for another 5. i haven’t planted the garden yet as i think the seeds would rot.


Raining here…storms maybe later. 1/4 inch so far. Heavy rain possible Monday… Should easily top 5 inches of rain again for the month.

Very hot in the east/southeast for 1st week of June–…cold out in the plains… probably seasonal//up and down in these parts. I’d imagine the storm track will slide right between these 2 features so rain rain rain along with some severe?


Just a little further west and you could have your dry air back. Nice and juicy though to your east…love me some mid 70F dews…banana growing weather.


Over 5" here already, with another storm on the horizon - probably the one you have now

The whole Mississippi watershed is flooding


Yeah…south of here has got more then I do this month… Look at Kansas though…this is compared to norms…


I am south of I-44 and the worst storms stayed on the north side of it. It was a pretty sleepless night though. Those big tornadoes kind of give me the creeps.


Good to hear from you guys in MO made it alright, I’m sure it was a pretty scary few days and nights. I grew up in OK, and this time of the year is always one where you have to pay attention to the weather.

Like I mentioned yesterday, it’s been very warm and dry here for the last couple weeks. We have high pressure over the top of us, which pretty much squelches any significant storm development other than a few afternoon pop-up storms. Since the flow is clockwise around it, that’s probably why the midwest is getting all the rain and storms day after day.


Here comes another line of storms. They all seem to form between the TX panhandle and the Kansas/Misssouri border


Yeah it got real windy and now there are stormy looking clouds all around. We need the rain though…

It would appear my hardy kiwi vines are going to flower for the first time. Weird after how cold of a winter. The bad thing is that only one vine and i think they need cross pollination…oh well.


I will send the rain on to you


Severe storm box just lit up south of here…heading right this way. Can see the clouds building. It is very summery out there… dews into the 60Fs…tempsi n 70Fs…

Planted sugarcane…its not that big but we’ll see what it does over the summer. Sunflowers are over a foot tall but i started them a long time ago. Plums/pluots and cherries all need to be sprayed this weekend.


We had Tornado warnings last night and were hit with a storm line that took down a tree that severed the power line. We had a chance to inspect our woodlots today and found several spots where groups of trees were wiped out including some big old White Pines. Approx 1/3 mile down the road the line was severed as well. We finally got power back tonight, approx 24 hours later (we do have a generator for the house so we can run the important stuff). I got 1/2 of my new apples planted out in the nursery bed yesterday before the storm, but all is well down there.


South of I-64, and certainly south of Hal Rogers Parkway…zilch, nada, no rain in nearly two weeks…except for a stray shower. Current temp at 10 p.m. near 80. In KY.


They are calling it the “death ridge” now on some news sites. Looks to stay put for some time.

Toad is out by the pond again calling for his girlfriend this evening.

Also ordered some fragrant tea olive plants off Ebay… came today from South Carolina. Nice looking plants. Going to set them outside for the summer and overwinter them indoors. I’ve read they smell good while blooming…