How is your weather?



All the way up to 60 today :roll_eyes:


Looks like we get a nice late spring/early summer weekend. 80F today and 75F tomorrow. Should be just cool enough to escape any AC usage.

Rain Sun nite thru Weds… Cooler late week.


As long as it’s parked there, we’ll continue to get the rain to the west of it


supposed to get our 2nd 70f today. back to rain and 50,s next week.


Amazing what a few hours will do to the weather. Sounds like summer down there.


Hey…at least you shouldn’t need heat or AC? I like waiting as long as i can to turn mine on (AC) because then i get addicted to it and leave it running 24/7. I love sleeping in the cold.

79f/52F… dew points have come down which is nice. It was a little greasy overnight.


The heat will creep northward… Duluth is at 65F and INternational Falls is at 54F…little chilly for fishing up that way. I’d like to be Canada fishing walleyes in a few weeks…but that ain’t happening :slight_smile:


Today’s storms brewing in the TX panhandle


The weather is so crazy! The poor folks west of me are getting flooded, and we are incredibly hot and dry here on the KY/TN border. High today is 90 degrees- 10 degrees above average says local weatherman. But the drought is what is most unusual. We’re usually still getting a lot of rain right now, but it has rained in a meaningful amount for about 3 weeks and isn’t supposed to for a solid week- and even then its just forecast for one day so it it misses us it will be another week. A lot of my trees are struggling and I have no realistic way to water them them. This is one problem (trees in trouble due to water shortage) that I’ve never had to deal with. Oh well…its always something!


We’re doing ok in SW Missouri. After experiencing Joplin 2011 I have a very healthy respect for tornados. Hope everyone is making it through.


These pics don’t show the scale or size of the trees taken down, but this minimal damage we’re seeing makes us respect the damage sustained in a tornado. Sometimes living in the Northeast isn’t so bad! Lots of firewood here, but we’ve already got about 3 years worth! We’re appreciating the decision we made 2 years ago to remove the multiple Beach trees around the cabin as they were diseased (Beach Bark Disease) the cabin fared well.


Sunny, breezy today in the high 60’s, rain tonight then 80’s tomorrow. Yayyyyyy! Orchard and garden time!!!


hit 75f today and even a little muggy out. more showers tom.


inoculate some of those hardwoods with mushroom spawn. by next summer you’ll have all the fresh mushrooms you want and for many years.


Made it to 59, when the sun was out (for a few seconds) it felt nice. Weather guessers are still saying 70 for tomorrow. I"ll believe it when I see it


All the way ‘down’ to 83 currently!.


High of 98 today. Hot even for us… Especially in May…


We had a shower here this morning (Sat), very brief, also had one yesterday. But, we prob haven’t had more than a half inch of rain in two weeks.

Have a weather channel on, and seeing more storm/flood warnings for the folks back in OK, so sad. The Arkansas River below Tulsa is doing some major flooding already, so they sure don’t need it.

I was out this afternoon power washing the siding on the house, the water kept me a bit cooler, but it was still hot, about 91. Supposed to get a good rain Monday evening, but back up to 93 on Tuesday! My wife demanded we turn the AC down a bit today, I like to keep it around 80, but she was hot, so I relented, set it to 77.

I checked the gardens, the corn is coming up now, more cukes have sprouted as well. Striped half-runners are taking their time coming up, just seen one sprout. The Rattlesnake beans have been a bit more quicker germinating. Going to try to get all the tomatoes planted out Monday.


WET! Miserably wet. I saw slugs.