How is your weather?


Dropped down to 52F… Time to mow before it rains for 3 days straight. Rain chance tomorrow 100%/70% Tues and 60% Weds…and more rain Fri/Sat… Nice… I’ll be mowing again next weekend.



Very chilly 58°F high and rain for us here today. Part of what will cause tornadic issues later this week for those in the middle of the country. When this freezing cold air aloft hits that hot gulf air, look out!


Too wet earth to plant anything, but I got everything planted. Smile

It will be no rain today. So I will take flowers to my mom and grandparents graves.


Glad WA has no tornados.



At least it’s not 95% humidity. I hope we get in our summer rain pattern soon…


Finally…sunny and 70 for a high. Wish we could get two weeks straight just like this


70’s in Newport sunny and beautiful!


It’s like 70-73 here, I don’t know about outside it looks hot out there.

Our outside temps are well above the norm for this time of the year. Already 90 plus.


Car showed 77F earlier…beautiful day…probably could have used a little more wind because it was hot hot hot in the sun. Got a little burnt.

NWS says 2-4 inches of rain Mon-Weds… Sh ould already be in here tomorrow morning.


Be careful with those trees, a couple have widowmaker showing, especially that twisted one.


We’ll work from the top back since the tops are on the ground, and then if necessary provide some tractor assistance to pull them down where we want them to go.


My conifers have cones forming… I want to say these are Korean fir. First time producing cones.

Looks very warm late week…Should be back at 80F by Fri/Sat… Hopefully we get some dry time tomorrow to get outside a little.

Was reading that since the late 70s…this is the least amount of corn planted (as of May 19th) this late.


Talked to my Mom and sister tonight, they live outside Tulsa. They had another rough night last night. I was watching radar and listening to a Tulsa radio station online while it was happening. Another tornado had hit west of them and pretty much was bouncing up and down as it crossed Tulsa county around 12:30. Sis got some alerts on her phone, got up and turned on the tv, and they were warning folks. About 10 minutes later the sirens went off, so they headed for the hallway with their pillows and wait it out. Mom’s friend has a storm shelter and has said they can come over when it gets bad, but they had no time, so it was best they just stayed home. Scary stuff.

Fortunately they didn’t have any damage or loss of power, but there were a lot of trees and power lines down in the area. This was the second time in 5 days they had to shelter in place. They’re probably getting gun shy when it starts to rumble.

They got out today to check things out, and said the flooding is just incredible. I asked her if this is the worse she can remember and she said it was. Arkansas River is way up. It’s almost biblical type flooding.

She said they’re predicting more severe weather for Tuesday, so at least they’ll have tomorrow to enjoy some decent weather.

Here, we got a good shower about 6, enough to soften up the garden soil a bit. But it’s gonna be in the low 90s next couple of days.


We had cool rainy weather early last week, some sunshine the past two days, now more rain until Wednesday. They had an article in the news about how we’ve reached too much of a good thung. The farmers are way behind schedule, corn is stunted, hay is all wet, etc.

my collie loves to watch it, though.


Heavy rain just to the west across the bottom half of MN…looks to move into here shortly. Going to be raining for several hours …low looks to be out in the Omaha area… Some very heavy rain/storm in SE Kansas moving into MO…

100Fs creeping up the SE coast…pretty warm start to summer over in those parts


That is a beautiful tree! Are the cones really black? I have never seen those before. And so tightly closed. Some of the Italian and French cypress have cones that never open.


With that humidity, no thanks. That’s the reason I live out west. Sometimes a little farther west would be nice. The other side of that dryline.


I know very little about conifers, but I’m sure they are Korean Fir or a hyrbid of that…they are very dark blue almost black. I think i planted them about 5 or 6 years ago. I read they come into cone bearing quickly vs other types and are used as Christmas trees.