How is your weather?


yes our native balsam fir only start to make cones over 10ft. those cones are cool looking! if i had room id grow some. i was stationed in korea but i never saw any firs. only stunted pines that never got more than 15ft. tall. maybe they grew in n. korea. they grew some huge asian pears there!


Looks like they grow native in the high mountains of S Korea///wet humid areas with lots of winter snow. Seems to like this climate. I didn’t even know that is what i had until the cones started forming. I also have a few hemlock that have done well and i think a couple of Norway spruce…

Pouring here. Streets are flowing like a river.


At the end of this 10 day we start getting more normal temps/sun.
It’s been downright bizarre out West. Downtown LA set many new records yesterday for a low daily max temps. Brrrr!


We had near 80 one week, the next rainy and 50s,this week it is unsure what to do so it is overcast, misty, and around low 70s at best. At least no rain yesterday and today! I took flowers from my garden to the graves but odd weather made them less appealing than Mothers Day.

Unrelated, I found charcoal on sale $4.97 at Fred Meyers today! So all summer when weather is good I can use my Stok grill. When my veggies ripen…oh boy!


Gonna be another hot one today, lower 90s, but with a stiff breeze. Need to get out there and mulch the tomatoes we planted yesterday. After tomorrow, it’s supposed to drop down to more seasonal weather.

Heard about the tornadoes near Dayton, OH, last night, and wondering how @MikeC is doing.


Veg garden number one planted! And this afternoon a downpour, perfect!


had 29f at 530am. everything i had leafed out came through unscathed. sunny mid 60s now. mowing the lawn for the 1st time.


Fingers crossed for you!


I had the heat on in the car this morning. Still stuck in the 50Fs… Should be back in the 80Fs late week although rain still looks a possibility .


Lots of chilly air this morning from Montana along the border up towards Maine…lots of 20Fs and 30Fs…and then a large chunk of upper 70Fs to 80F (for lows) along the Gulf Coast… no wonder the pattern is so active.


More rain almost here, they’re predicting another inch after yesterday’s 2"

Soil washed off the bean seeds


Thanks for worrying about me. I am okay and no damage, not even a power outage- usually that ALWAYS happens. It went just North of me and also East of me. It was a really bad tornado. They had to get out the snow plows to get the debris off of I-75 so they could move traffic. One death, a tree fell on an older man sleeping in his bed. Lots of houses destroyed sort of NE from where it was traveling, in Celina, OH.
Again, TY for the inquiry.


Good to hear. I didn’t hear about it until today, looks like it hit Dayton about 11 last night, and there was another tornado NW of there also. Weather Channel is in Celina now, said it was an F3.

That same storm system kind of followed the Ohio River SE all the way into WV, but had dissipated by then (3am). Not too far from us, but here it was just a muggy night, no rain at all.

Looks like PA is getting pounded by storms now, and they just issued more tornado watches for OK, KS, and MO again. Oh boy. Look out @clarkinks, @olpea, @Borer_the_explorer, @39thparallel this evening.


79 degrees in Forth Smith, Northwest Territories and 45 degrees in Portland, Maine right now.


wow! frenchville is warmer than portland!


We had lots of hail in Lancaster, PA today. My trees and veggies look a little bruised. I came home from swimming to find leaves and tender growth all over the ground. Hopefully they don’t get disease from this damage. Luckily my new potted grafts were stowed away in my sheltered patio.


oi vey


Well, didn’t think it’d be that bad, but wow. Looks like the west KC metro area got hit pretty hard. How did y’all fare tonight? Also wondering about @TurkeyCreekTrees.


I have been wondering the same.


That’s wild stuff, there were actually some tornado warnings not too far from you in NJ. Was it bad in the city?