How is your weather?


Stuck in 60Fs again today with rain. Forecast keeps changing. Who knows.

Tomatoes should be ready to go by late October.


Storm reports for yesterdayā€¦

For the 27thā€¦


my peppers are ripening in my grow room!


84 million people under Enhanced Risk for Severe Weather TODAY including New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, St. Louis, and Dallas!


I need to water my grafted containerized fruitā€¦hoping the rain drifts this far south.


10 day forecast here looks great. Many sunny days with temps in the 70s. Pretty much ideal for my tastes


Says 70-79 here this week.


Pretty potent cold front moves thru here Fri (Fri should be well into the 80s) into Satā€¦ Sunday morning showing low 40Fsā€¦ overall it does look drierā€¦ My lettuce and broc look really good.

I need a grow room.


Iā€™m harvesting lettuce, but my broc and choi bolted


A LOT of damage to houses in an older neighborhood that people have been there for many years. I am sure it will take a long time to get their lists of things they had plus the time to take to repair or replace their homes. I saw photos and they had a drone going over an area I am very familiar with and it was horrible to see the damage.


Pouring rain!


Pouring rain and tornado warning here. Lost power!!
Probably got about an inch of rain in half an hour.


The rabbitā€¦out of all the weeds/greens availableā€¦munched my broccoli the day after i removed the fencingā€¦so that went back up.

Dry afternoon with lots of sunshineā€¦made it up to 75F. Even warmer north of hereā€¦i see Duluth, MN is at 79F.

Looking at the Goes sat loopā€¦lots of smoke coming down from Canada into MN/ND/SD/Wy/MT from a big fire in Alberta, Canada.


Bunch of tornado warnings north of Des Moinesā€¦ looks like a swarm of them.


There was a tornado warning here. We spent the kidsā€™ bedtimes in the basement. For a moment there the rotation was headed directly at us after spawning a tornado about 35 miles away. It clearly dissipated well before it got to us though.


1.25" rain over that last 24hrs, another .5" predicted for tomorrow

My shade plants are really loving it


Very beautifull hostas! I love them, congratulations!


Overcast and spitty!


Looks like the hot and dry cycle has been broken here. Had a couple showers yesterday, and just had a brief dousing an hour ago. Temps are about 70, and arenā€™t supposed to get above 80 for the next week.


Youā€™re doing good but the Lake Cumberland area hasnā€™t had much precip. yet. Berea, Richmond, Winchester have done OK with a couple inches.