How is your weather?


Type your city or nearest big city here: I’m in Salt Lake City, and the site says, “While the eastern half of the country largely got a break from the searing heat this summer, parts of the West broiled. Salt Lake City and Reno both had their hottest summer on record. And several cities in southern Florida — already hot and humid in a normal summer — had one of their five hottest summers on record. That includes Miami, which had its second hottest summer on record.”


Interesting,they left Washington State out of the list,on the drop down tab. Brady


Looks like Irma will be headed our way…Come on Bermuda weather feature…Suck that baby out to sea!!!


After a half-dozen laps or so, you don’t notice the cold water


Yeah tell me about it!
Finally today we are expected to drop to mid 90’s. It’s been killer. My Namwah pup is somehow hanging in. (But not growing)


Our weather here which is usually sweltering hot and dry has been not nearly as bad as some of you have seen.


been mid 60’s light wind. trees starting to change colors. been getting some much needed rain last 4 days. rivers are really low.


Same here…lots of yellowing/reds. Its weird…the pattern just flipped hard in August to a cooler/// way drier pattern. My lawn is crusty brown. Dews this afternoon were in the upper 40Fs…that is spring type humidity—dry…

It’s raining right now…maybe our first decent rainfall in weeks. Its too bad the rains up here either come all at once or not at all…feast or famine… not complaining…the dry weather has been a welcome break.

Still have no idea how fall turns out…do we turn mild? or are we headed for a colder pattern. Haven’t really dug into it yet.


same here. had a very cool wet spring. cool dry summer and now getting back into a wetter pattern but still 10deg below normal. could go either way come fall but i think we may see a early winter this year. I’m old enough to make that prediction. :wink:


Same here, we had good rainfall all the way to the third week in July. Since then, nada, at least not enough to connect the drops. It was nice while we were haying but the only green in my lawn are the dandelions. We could use some rainfall.


Well you know Cali. 6+ months sunshine and more sunshine and temps 80-115F
Still running at our norm 86F for this time of year. Zero signs of fall on the horizon.


Very pleasant cool crisp nights and 80 degree days here in Kansas.


Perfect for Pomes.


Metro Vancouver used to be well known across Canada for its mild, wet climate but this year we had the coldest, snowiest winter, wettest spring and now the longest dry spell/hottest summer on record with a heat wave at the beginning of September when things usually cool down. Just a crazy year weather - wise.



Got cool here last night; down to 45! Brrr. You can definitely sense fall in the air. Just 67 right now and breezy. I had to break out the sweatshirt yesterday for the first time this summer.

Not looking forward to winter, but at least that means no garden/yard/fruit plant work…


lows 60’s and lots of rain the last 4 days with more coming. we needle it but not this much this time of year. then theres irma coming up the coast by next week.


Popcorn is served!


With all the forest fires around the area,the first time I saw the Sun this morning,it had a deep,pinkish,orange color.To me,it was more visually satisfying than the latest eclipse,because I could look without eye protection and have never seen that before.
A picture was taken with my phone’s camera,but that could not capture the reality.
Air quality is not too good though,with a light ash in the air,especially noticeable on dark objects. Brady


@Bradybb, on Monday I drove from the Sacramento area south on I-5. There were many fellow travelers on the road returning home too, some obviously from camping in the mountains. Every 20 minutes or so I would pass a vehicle covered in white dust. Where have they been camping I wondered. After I arrived home I realized they hadn’t been on vacation … they were escaping the ash-fall in Oregon and Washington. :cry:


The Seattle area is getting smoke and particulate from the Cle Elum,Roslyn(Northern Exposure TV show)Jolly Mt. areas and Crystal Mt.,where they had to evacuate the people from the resort.The latest news has thick smoke and some fire near it,with fire personnel evaluating.Lightning seems to be igniting them.Brady