How is your weather?


Looks like 85F here today… 81/85/84 the next three days… After Sunday’s good chance of rain… things get interesting. The GFS plunges some awfully chilly air back into the region. Overnight lows back into the 40Fs… to the north…do i dare say frost? Who knows…but the airmass looks not warm :slight_smile:


Long range forecast shows starting Sunday our highs are in the 60s and lows in the 40s for a number of days.


Excessive rainfall is a accurate description of current situation in Chicagoland. My garden 2 inches deep in the soil is a pool of water, trees in lower area is in a puddle every time after the rain and we almost have rain every day this month and last month! Ground is very saturated, trees are struggling and stressful.


I could see the cranberry areas to my NE dropping easily into the 30Fs…but for how short the nights are this time of year…isn’t a lot of time to stick around in that temp range. I think a cooldown will be welcome after this week. I’m going to need to turn the AC on today i think for the first time (i did make it to June…the past few years i needed it in May).



It’s 72, and has been raining here off and on this morning, having a heavy shower now. I did a lot of mowing yesterday because it’s supposed to be pretty wet here he next 5 days, so wanted to get ahead of that. I needed to spray, but held off because of all the rain.

I knew the dry and warm weather wouldn’t last, seems like we’re back into our somewhat normal spring weather pattern.


Lookslike that’ll take care of the drought in the SE


Yes you bet!


The newest model shows Sunday almost being dry now…maybe that cold front will push through dry…which does happen.

Kids done with school around here today. Summer begins.


Dews have plummeted this afternoon as temp has soared …up to 86F now…but dews back in the 40Fs…were in the 60fs (greasy) earlier.

Think next week will be much more pleasant… then after that i’d imagine summer returns. Nothing looks wet. Maybe finally we can get the rivers to drop below flood.

Mosquitoes were thick yesterday…the bike trail was full of gnats…had to cover face they were so thick.


yeah the bugs are evil in Maine in a wet spring/summer. if its not the black flies its the mosquitos, no-see-ums, deefflies, horseflies or moose flies which are as big as a hornet and hurt like hell!


Moose, aren’ t no seeums black flies? I just remember getting bitten in my garden, behind my ear and the whole right side of my face swelled. Horrible things! Do you use a spray?


no see ums are the ones that come out early and late and can go through screens. they’re so tiny you can barely see them. but you know when they’re biting you. your arms and legs feel like they’re on fire! black flies are the 1st ones that come out in spring and there are clouds of them when they’re out heavy! bens 100 used to be the best but deet is now considered too strong now to use 100%. deep woods off works pretty good but when they’re real bad, they go up your nose , in your ears and mouth! i just stay indoors when they’re real bad. there was some out tonight but barely any. once it his 70f with higher humidity, watch out! the black fly is the Maine state bird! :wink:


I took a 10 mile bike ride last night again. Hot but not so humid. Bugs were bad in spot. I ate a few. Just swarms of them in spots. Probably fungus gnats? i think that is what they are called around here. Mosquitoes don’t seem to bother me much.i must stink to them (and maybe in general!). My wife is the opposite and gets huge welts all over.

Hot again…going for 86F. Same tomorrow. Next week should be much cooler and maybe even nicer. Good pool weather.

My pond is full of tadpoles. We think they are American toad tadpoles (black color). I guess they eat algae so hopefully they clean up the pond. There are going to be a million toads hopping around in a month.


And singing next year!


Tallahassee NWS just issued a flash flood watch for our parts; more rain is coming

Flood Watch
National Weather Service Tallahassee FL
231 PM EDT Fri Jun 7 2019


.Multiple rounds of slow moving heavy rain will impact primarily
north Florida through the weekend. Two day rain totals are
expected to be around 6-8 inches with isolated locations possibly
receiving up to 15 inches. While widespread flooding is not
expected as soils should absorb much of the rain, more urbanized
locations and areas where training occurs will be susceptible to
flash flooding due to the expected high rain rates.


Warm but overcast.


I’ll leave the doors open so they can come in the house.

88F…little warm out…little more wind too…the last couple have days have had very light winds.


Living in the banana belt of Maine, we never had swarms of anything but mosquitoes (that was our town mascot!). Ah. . . Let’s live by the ocean. . . . Just wait!


unless you went out on the salt flats! :wink: