How is your weather?


Lots of upper 90Fs in N Minnesota/ND this afternoon…one station along the Canada border up there showed 99F… “only” hit 90f here… Warm day…luckily humidity was low so it was doable. Could be worse…McAllen, TX had a dewpoint of 79F with temp in the upper 90Fs… HI of 116F…


don’t want any 90’s here! we’ve only cracked 70f 3xs times so far. the humidity at that temp would be brutal!


Looks like more storms


Hot and dry at 88 degrees. may get some storms on Sunday.


87F and more sunshine…what a stretch. Pretty good east wind blowing so a front is nearing. Thurs morning could see temps right around 40F… Going to feel nice. Free AC!


65f and sunny. dry until tues. very nice comfortable weather. my currants,arctic raspberries, romeo cherry , pineberry , alpine, evie 2 and mara des bois strawberries are all blooming.


One word: HOT


when is Texas not hot!


A third day with temps pushing 90. Big front pushing through tonight the weather guessers say. I can feel the humidity going down already. Highs in the 60s and 70s in the ten day forecast


77F warm and humid here and 65F in Minneaplis with strong NW winds…that is slowly moving this way. Looking forward to the cooler air.


Went from mid summer to late October today. Actually had the AC on most of the day and now we had to close up the windows because we were all getting too cold. Should be nice the next 2 days with mid/high 70Fs… late week still looks cool and rainy.


We didn’t turn the A/C on the last three days, but I was tempted. Just too cheap I guess.

Today it didn’t break 65. Hoodie weather, it was great.


Chilly out today. Hopefully warm up some this afternoon after this rain moves out. It rained all night. Right around an inch of liquid has fallen. More then i thought we would get. Looks dry and cool until this weekend. Tonite should see temps drop to the low 40Fs…wonder if this is the last time we see low 40Fs for a few months… Long range has summer heat coming back late month.


Thunder and 62 degrees…S. Central Kentucky.


Feels like fall this evening. 63F and a chilly north wind. Should head down into the low/mid 40Fs…w.ouldn’t doubt we see some rural areas drop into the 30Fs.

Lots of rain. Ended up closer to 1.5 inches. Just would not stop. Models were a failure on amounts…nothing sh owed this much. i’ll be mowing again shortly.


Was out hoeing the garden plots this afternoon, got two done, was trying to till the third one, but the rain put the kibosh on that. Been raining pretty hard off and on since about 5pm, and one last wave coming through now.

Supposed to be nice Fri and Sat, but next week will be rainy as well, so so much for warm and dry, back to the usual summer monsoon season, shocking. Hope my taters and 'maters don’t drown. The last two years, we lost our potatoes to rot because of so much rain, would be shocked if we got a crop this year. We haven’t harvested hardly any of them since '14. So, call me pessimistic.


My 2019 grafted apple trees, seedling tomatoes, hellebores all look great in containers.
And lots of pawpaws planted in 1 gallon pots, none up yet.

A few cuttings of various plants have been stuck. Been too busy with work to play with
my own plants all that much.

Cedar apple rust worst I’ve seen in my little orchard. But, some trees are resistant. Hasn’t affected my 2019 grafts that are at a different location.

Over 140 trees in pots…and several older trees in ground…have not seen the first limb with fireblight this year. Have sprayed nothing…except weed killer on the ground.


I’ve heard of people growing potatoes in a barrel. Maybe you could try that and throw a tarp over it in heavy rain.


NWS just shifted to the new version of GFS, I wonder if that has anything to do with it. One of our more Twitter-happy local meteorologists posted something about it saying goodbye to accurate forecasts or something like that.


I saw that on the news. I didn’t know anything about it. I see the one website i go to (for model runs) said it was going into effect yesterday ( GFS FV3)… we’ll see how it goes. The new run has no precip this weekend…so that is nice.

Today was almost perfect. Low dews…temp around 72F… cool this morning. Not sure i saw a cloud in the sky today.