How is your weather?


For us they have T-storms both days this weekend - which I will admit we need by now

1/3" yesterday and there’s no sign of moisture remaining in the soil


An inch of rain today!!


We had 23 days of some sort of rain out of the 31 days in May.


There was a 0% chance of rain last night at 10 when I went to bed. Around 11 it started to sprinkle and we ended up getting about .15" of rain. My upland foodplots were dry, so the rain was welcome.


Raining today and tomorrow.


Warm most of the day…summer like…and now the temp has fallen from 80F to 60F and it’s chilly again. Rain too…nearing an inch.


It’s starting out a cool spring


In Kentucky we’ve approached record highs this spring, and we’ve approached record lows in June. Mildest winter in over a dozen here.


Weird…60F at 12:30 … feels like fall out there. Hopefully we gain a few more degrees.

Just south of here one spot had almost 6 inches of rain yesterday…must have been very localized.


Very warm last night…only dropped into the mid/upper 60Fs for most of the night…a bit humid too with dews in the 60Fs…not great sleeping weather. 78F today and mid 70Fs weds/thurs–rain and warmer next weekend. Not much summer swimming happening…just too cool and not enough sunshine. My lettuce and broc are both still going…i might actually get a head of lettuce this year.

Looks like a very wet pattern shaping up as we head into the weekend. Been nice and dry///right around 80F …mix of sun and clouds.

Longest day of the year tomorrow…


Been a very tropical couple of weeks here, temps in the 70-80s and humid, with off and on rain. The ground is saturated again, so can’t mow or till the gardens. I’ve been trying to get a timing belt job done on my car, but because I have no garage, I’m at the mercy of these storms. Thankfully I’m about done with the job.

We had a heavy rain last night, another tonight, and a big line is coming within a few hours. Really getting tired of all this.


It is slowing progress on a job of mine. Terracing a steep area with railroad ties for someone.

Despite rain twice on Wednesday, he got the riding mower out about 6 p.m. and mowed…I wouldn’t have taken the chance on that slope if it were me.

But I don’t like yards personally…haven’t owned a mower since 1991. (Well, take that back, I married someone with a mower, but after 2 or 3 years of mowing …. I got removed from that equation.) So, back to no mowing.

I use weed or brush killer from time to time, though…mostly around the fruit trees. Think of it as ‘fruit forest’…not neat rows of trees with wide grassy strips down the aisles.

Despite rain every day and 78 degrees at 4 p.m. with a heat index of 81…and when your clothes get wet from sweating, they don’t dry out…period.
…I’ll still take this over a drought.


More rain! I’m getting moldy!


That was us last year. This year has been just about right. Almost looked like a drought and we had high 90’s for 3-4 weeks but then the Florida afternoon rains started…Perfect


hows your Maine transplants doing?


After drying out for a bit, we’re back into the constant rain, which will turn muggy next week - Midwestern summer by July.


Yes we got and will get more rain. The biggest problem is the temperature is so’s now only reaching 60 . Plants don’t grow is a bigger problem


Interesting that my tomatoes are so wretched yet the potatoes seem to be flourishing.


potatoes do well in the colder regions. i was raised picking potatoes on my great grandfathers farm from 10 till’ 18. about the only commercial crop that grows well in our cool wet summers.


Had a dry stretch here but this weekend should put an end to that. Temps and humidity should also come up. Right around 80F today. Sunday could see dewpoints head towards 70F… a little greasy. Tried swimming at the beach…river is cold still…

I don’t think i’ve seen a bumblee bee in a month or more. Did they all die or do they just go missing for awhile? They were out early when the trees were in bloom.