How is your weather?


Me neither. There was a fat old queen working the apples when they first bloomed and there may have been a couple of small black ground nesting bees of some kind, too, but there’s nothing on the lupine today, which is about all I have blooming. Nine bark should start to bloom in a day or two, and I’ll watch for bees there. Beauty bush is coming along later.

I released my West Coast blue orchard bees in a drawer I bought years ago as part of a nesting block. I felt I had to deliver them from their cocoons by Cesarean Section. They all managed to get out of the drawer under their own power, but I haven’t seen hide nor hair of the them. I think that opening the cocoons induces a lot of trauma that may cause them to abscond even if it doesn’t actually kill them.

The alternative explanations for the dearth of pollinators are the cool, wet weather and the mosquito fog that the city releases up and down the streets early some mornings. … so much for relying on mosquitoes for pollination.

I have lured only one codling moth to my trap so far this season, so no economic damage is in prospect in that direction.


Bumbles were out early on the honeysuckle when other bees were lying low in the cold, now I’m not seeing them


I’ve noticed that here too. they are very active early and late in the season. seems they become rare from mid june to early sept. wonder if its just lack of blooms in that time or they don’t like the summer heat?


They certainly seem to tolerate the spring cold well - better than some other bees


I see some bumble bees on my raspberry bush recently. I also let some wild flowers / weeds bloom to provide some pollen for them. They are safe in my yard


First day of summer, and we have snow in the forecast :wink:

Snow level is down to 9000’, which is a bit higher than we are (by 700’ roughly), but I expect we will see flakes falling and maybe some accumulation on the grassy areas.


My daughter thinks CO springs are too much like winter. Smart girl…!!


I got stuck in a snowstorm in the Big Horn mountains of Wyoming a bout 15 years ago right around this date. During which we ran into a swarm of tornadoes in South Dakota on the way back. Was strange…woke up to the car covered with snow and by evening we were in the tropics of central SD where it was hot and humid.

Warm here, but not a lot of sun> There has been a trend of cloudiness the past week…we’ll get some sun but by afternoon the clouds really build (heating of the day/colder upper levels would be my guess).


I’ve always wanted to live in Denver. I loved it out there. Hot but no humidity (winters can have 70F days in January). The mountains are right there so if you want to cool off just drive up to Mt Evans (or bike like the locals) where it was about 45F (it was mid 80Fs in Denver). I think it has grown a lot since i was out there (early 2000s) and i’m sure the prices of homes have skyrocketed (they have here).

Looking like less rain this weekend on the models. Maybe it won’t be a washout.


A dissipating high


Sunshine this morning but should change over to clouds quickly this afternoon. Been a very nice mild stretch of weather around here. Just cool enough at night to get by without AC.

Low 20Fs in Yellowstone this morning…hope people brought winter gear with. Snow in the Rockies this weekend.

1st week of July looks hot across N Minnesota into Canada… cooler across Texas (rain?)…


The rain has finally stopped for today’s but I see more coming from the Midwest. It will find me!


Turned the AC back on today. Kind of humid. Low 80Fs but a lot of clouds later today. Huge blob of rain/storms moving into Iowa…be in here later.

Still have not seen 1 bumbler…i caught a honey bee hitting some flowers and that was it.

My paw paw seeds are finally sprouting in their pots. Wow those things take FOREVER to sprout. I’ve had them out for months after all winter in the refrigerator.


bumbles all over my russian comfrey today. yesterday they were on my crandall currant. soon they’ll be in the rasps.


Normally i see them …this year not so much. I have no clue. I’ll keep an eye out.

Rain all morning. Looks to be finishing up now. Lot more humid today. Dews pushing towards 70F…


low 70’s and windy here. few showers later in the week. weather has been about perfect. just enough showers for moisture and on the cool side. upper 60’s to low 70’s makes me and the plants happy. :wink:


Offshore winds from the lake keep pushing the rain away - not the humidity, tho


It is still raining here…that is since early this morning. It has let up but never quit. About an inch so nothing too heavy.

The American Toad is back again calling. oh god… no more tadpoles. The ones are still not adult yet but are getting there.


Toads are very helpful in the garden


I’m not sure if they lay eggs multiple times …i should have a bumper crop.

Mosquitoes are thick. Rain all around but nothing falling here today. Did see a little sunshine. Nice day overall.

Hot and humid by late week/weekend… Sunday should be 90Fs…

Harvested my lettuce. Flavor is fine…not bitter. Now i need to figure out how to eat all of it.