How is your weather?


More rain tomorrow. Checked the orchard today. It’s been a week since I could get down there, and the news is few curcs, not full blast yet. All fruit is sizing up nicely, of course, I would be leaving, its really good this year!!!


Looking at lettuce in the garden, seeing some starting to bolt, can’t possibly eat it all. Plenty from later plantings, tho, still good


Last time I broke 75°F was 31 May. It’s 79°F now. Bumblebees are working the lupine. Nine bark and beauty bush are just beginning to flower. I want to go out and start thinning the apples. I really do, but maybe I should just nuke them with a little Sevin this evening, hoping to do for the curculios in the process. Should be above 60°F all night. I need to change the codling moth lure 'cause I’ve caught only one so far.


Stuck at 85F most of the late afternoon…dews in the upper 50Fs…about as hot as i like it to get…and not insanely humid. All that should change… Get the AC ready because we are heading to triple digit real feels. GFS is probably wrong…but it has dews going into the mid 70Fs sat and sun… temps 90F or above. Yum!

…sunflower is just opening. This is one of the ones i started from seed. I also have ones that sprouted outside…to be honest…they are almost the same height, but this one seems to be blooming sooner. A little over 6 feeet tall.

I saw the big fat toad in my strawberry bed. He’s eating well. (or she)


90s from here to eternity

Spent the morning pulling lettuce to save. Still have 2 rows left of later plantings ready to eat. [I know, I plant too much lettuce]

Spring peas are finished up now, and I doubt they’ll set a 2nd flush in this heat, so they’ll probably be next for the compost pile. But it was a very successful season for them

Gonna go turn on AC now


My broccoli still has not developed heads! I have no idea what i’m doing wrong with those plants. There is a house down the road and they have already harvested. Who knows. I might start a tray of seeds and go for a fall crop…

AC has been cranked here. I can’t sleep in a hot house. We have south exposure and no shade so its a h ot box when the sun is out. Even the basement is up to 72F now… Soil temps are warming.

Found a dead rabbit in the yard. Something mauled that thing. It wasn’t there last night and today is like a hollowed out fur pile! I think there is a fox roaming the area. Some people we know have chickens…well they had chickens…they said they are just feeding the fox. I saw him early this spring a couple times not far from here. I have a security camerea but its not pointed in the right area…maybe i’ll move it.

Large complex of storms moving in from the west. Just cleared Rochester and head east quickly. Really getting dark around here. Dewpoint up to 67F…

Sweet cherries are done. We picked the rest today. The robins were hammering them yet i have a tree of sour cherries (CJ) that they don’t seem to want so they attack my Lapins. Robins love sweet cherries. Very good but almost too juicy…must be all the rain. Lots of rot about a week ago but i thinned all those out…


Might be the variety of broc you have. Some strains are ready in 60 days, others can take 100+. If you’re sure that these were short season seeds, then must be something else; otherwise might just be they need more time.


Hopefully…probably need to go shorter season in spring.

pouring here…skies went dark…lightning…wind… Probably the heaviest rain so far this spring/summer. Should add up very quickly.


Current 89F/75F in Omaha… ouch… .that is some swamp air. Clouds keeping things "cool’ here but we should drop below 70F overnight (low of 72F)… Just about an inch of rain earlier. Lots of lightning with that line of storms.


rain showers here too but nothing heavy. going to stay that way until next tues. everything is growing great finally.


That line should show up here w/in 1/2 hour, but not expecting so much rain


Fog, spitty rain, rain, sunshine, lots of fog this evening. Mildew by the Sea!


Heavy rain overnight. Woke up to a light show at 3am… strong winds, downpour… another 4/10 of an inch of rain… about 1.5 inches total. Almost 9 inches of rain fell in 24 hours near Rochester, MN… Some flooding occuring…

Excessive heat watch for Minneapolis… Should go towards 90F here this afternoon.


It never fails - if I ever decide my sprouting seeds could use some water and get out the hose, down comes a deluge


Only got up to 85F but dewpoint is nearing 70F this evening. Long ish bike ride was so sweaty.
92F tomorrow and humid.

Trying some cuttings…see if get anything will take.

The second week of July looks cool (cold?) out in the plains. If you’re going to have a “cold” wave any time of the year make it July (as long as it’s dry)! Of course Alaska bakes as does Florida and most of the east coast. Europe should cool off and head back towards normals…northern Europe (Norway) looks chilly (i’d love to go to Norway in summer)…


The toads have little legs now. There must be at least 50…maybe 100.

Today is summer…holy hot when i went outside this morning… dewpoint of 71F and the temp in the 80Fs already…going to be a steamer. This kind of weather it’s either AC or swimming or sitting in the shade.


Breaking bad


Ended up at 93F this afternoon …

Miami, FL is 82F/73F right now…i’m 82F/72F… so it feels like Miami out there this evening!..

MCS should develop across North Dakota and then track across N MN as the night goes on…

That area can be very dangerous for campers this time of year…


The band of storms that started in North Dakota last night is just about to the Illinois border. Didn’t get much rain here…just enough to wet the ground. Another band is moving thru Minneapolis which should? die out as the move south…who knows. Temps should move up here quickly.

Low temp last night was 74F.

Next week looks warm…upper 80Fs…very 4th of Julish…


been muggy with showers but still in the low 70’s. I’m not complaining. everything is growing in turbo right now .