How is your weather?


Just having storm and very strong wind. It very likely will blow all my mulberries off the tree😱


That’s just here, passing rapidly, so there won’t be a lot of rain


95 here today, got to 95 last two days, very hot, with no rain since Thursday. Finally dried up enough to till the gardens. Did some of that yesterday in the heat of the day (stupid idea), then planted out some peppers during the evening.

Although the sun wasn’t beating down on me, I guess I overdid it, as I had to stop after 24 plants, I was getting loopy headed, probably from not eating enough. Had time to come in and grab some supper and finish putting things up.


There is another line right behind now that looks to move more over this area and west towards Rochester–that line is actually becoming stronger…heading down 52 in MN …the line in WI heading down 94 also looks to be holding together…

Temp up to 85F…

Tree frog showed up at our pond… Last night we saw him out there calling.


It looks like the line between Madison and Milwaukee got a good soaking


Pouring here…i got stuck on my bike in it.

Should rain for some time…so much for 90F today.


You can have our rain. This area really doesn’t need it.



We don’t need it either, we had about 3 weeks worth of the stuff, I don’t like the AC running this much, but I’d much rather have it dry than rainy. Living in TX for 30 years, it’s been an adjustment because there you would have 3-4 months of just brutal heat, here it’s much different, but in a good way.

I changed the timing belt on my car, and since we don’t have a garage, I was at the mercy of the weather. It took me almost 2 weeks to finish the job, mostly because of waiting for parts and tools, but also intermittent storms.

I will say it was harder to dig holes for the plants, as the ground has firmed up, although I did till the plot beforehand.


I don’t mind the rain if its spaced out, but it has become very swampy here again. There is a rain chance overnight (heavy at times) and again tomorrow…the whole pattern looks stuck through the next week so chances stick around the whole time (front hung up over the area).

Always buy a car with a timing chain :slight_smile: I had a ford zx2 back in the early 2000s that had a timing belt and it was the design of motor (interference) that if the belt broke…bye bye engine…so i dumped it around 100K miles…that one was a pita to change …something like an 8 hour job for a mechanic…so about 6 months for me :slight_smile: I had a timing belt break on an early 90s escort (i’ve always owned fords for some reason) and nothing happened to that thing and it didn’t cost much (back then) to replace. I’ll be honest and say i’d rather work on a car in 90F heat then in 20F temps…nothing worse then having frozen hands that don’t work. Better yet would be own no car at all and have a limo pick me up when i need to go to the grocery store.

10F cooler right now then last night at this time…feels nice out there.


Well, the kit I got with it had it at abt 5 hours in the instructions. For me, it was about 20 hours all together, spread out over 13 days, but I didn’t work on it for several days because of the weather, or just didn’t get in a hurry.

Changing one, plus all the associated parts, like two pulleys, tensioner, and water pump requires you to basically tear the whole left side of the engine compartment out just to get to it.

At first, I said there’s no way I was going to try it, but I’ve worked on a few mechanical things since I moved here, and thought I could do it after watching a few videos and reading abt 100 forums about it. I didn’t want to pay a dealer $1k to do it, so I thought I could do it. Our resident mechanic @Steve333 was very nice to help me with some information and suggestions.

The car is running pretty smooth now, maybe this will help it improve its gas mileage some. Hopefully, if I did the job right, I won’t have to worry about it for another 7 years, or 100k miles. It also needs an oil change, but that now seems like child’s play.

True. March of last year, I had the pleasure of changing out the starter in our F150, and that was not pleasant. I remember having to stop at one time because I was being pelted by driving sleet and wind while under the truck. I got it done eventually, but that was rough when you can barely feel your fingers. Plus it seems to hurt more when that wrench slips and you hit something hard.

Has ever really dried out enough to matter? I complained about our rainy June, but it’s nothing compared to what you folks have had to endure this winter /spring.


We had some dry weather for a few days…the heaviest rains have stayed a either a little south or a little west… but it has still been very wet. It rained again overnight.

I need to do a front wheel bearing. I bought a big press from HF to do it and have the parts but just havent’ gotten around to tearing apart suspensione/brake to replace it. I don’t use that car much in summer so it can sit for now. You know the thing that would make all the difference would be a car lift. That would be a back saver for me.

I had an imd 80s Ford Ranger in high school…i wish i still had that. 5 speed manual///Had lock outs (4x4)…no power steering…it was EFI 4cyl…had lots of room in the engine bay…leaf springs/gas shocks…no power, but with good tires it would climb like an atv (4 low/1st gear and it would do about 5mph tops) … so so simple. plus it had ground clearance so i could get under it and a bed big enough to haul and atv/etc etc… and i could easily get 25mpg if i drove it right…


Poured yesterday, steamy today, very humid and hot tomorrow.


Rained several times the last 24 hours… about 2 inches of rain total. Dewpoint up to 71F.

56F right now in Grand Marias, MN …right along L Superior… Temps are so weird there.t.hey jump around from the low 70Fs to the low 50Fs depending on lake winds… Still would be a nice place to stop and cool off… 82F in Duluth…so the warmth is right there.


Got rained out at work…but my grafted apple trees in pots are going to have to be watered this evening it looks like…not a sprinkle on them.




Have had some big rains here recently. You can see the cattle bobbing down river in this video! Most of them arrived safely on dry land according to the news.


Had a storm blow through about 7:30, power flickered a bit, but stayed on. High winds and heavy rain for about half an hour, light rain is about over now. First big rain in about a week.

Tomatoes seemed to fare ok, I had staked a few and mulched the rows right before it hit. Peppers are fine as well, garden was so dry, so it’s barely muddy at all. Corn prob needed the water, is getting a bit parched looking, but also need to fertilize it.

A 4ft primocane on my Ouachita bush got snapped off by the winds, all the other plants look fine. But, will need to get them trellised.

Was another hot here earlier, got to 93 this afternoon. Had to change the oil in the car, wasn’t smart enough to do it this morning, no, waited until 1:00 when it was about 90. Went through two more t-shirts today.


It has been bad over there. I’ve been lucky here in La Crosse…we kind of missed the heaviest…although a couple of houses started on fire because of lightning. One of them was almost next door to a fire station and the fire guys heard the lightning and were on the scene about 2 seconds…so that worked well. Another house i guess was a total loss.

Temp hasn’t been below 70F in a few days now…liking this Miami heatwave. I was sweating so bad last night on a bike ride that it was running into my eyeballs and my eyes were burning. Today should be right around 90F with dews to match (almost)…

I saw 2 bumble bees yesterday finally! A small one an an extra large. Seeing tons of honey type bees.


been muggy with thunder storms the last couple days. might hit 90f tom. brutal for this area. bought $250 of fireworks. guess ill let the younger ones set them off and soak in the lake.