How is your weather?


Glad to see the rain, actually, Was going to have to water otherwise!


Glad you saw a bumble! They were later than usual to arrive here too. I tend to find them on my catmint, they love that stuff!

And that’s a crazy story about the houses on fire!

We have had muggy ridiculously hot one hour, cooled down by rain and very pleasant the next hour confusing weather the last couple days. I have box ac, so it’s being switched on and off quite a lot!


we’ve been getting good soakings from the thunderstorms and the mugginess is keeping stuff from drying out.


80F already at 10am…dewpoint of 70F… very very warm out in the y ard. I watered my blueberries and a few other things. Looks like an excellent blueberry year. Plants are loaded. Although they will need to be covered because there is a robin nest about 10 feet from the plants.


going to be a muggy scorcher here as well. supposed to have a cold front coming through sat. bringing temps back to the low 70’s.


I use to buy fireworks but haven’t in over 20 years. Back then i bought them from some old dude in a trailer court. There was a whole bedroom full of them. I remember buying bricks of blackcats for around $8…not sure what they cost now. I bought these roman candle type things that would flash light and then explode…sounded almost like an m80 when they would go off. Those were impressive. The old dude would shove a bunch of extra things into our bags…funny stuff. Those were the good days.

There was an article talking about how Anchorage could go above 90F for the first time. They’ve been above normal 34 days in a row. The NAEFS has been consistent in showing that Alaskan heat.

Temps should cool by Sunday with low humidity. Not sure how long that lasts.


i mostly buy the big fireworks that go high in the sky. similar to the commercial ones but not as big. we fire them over eagle lake here. there are dozens of camp owners that do the same. the reflections off the water are a sight to see!


Ok…like the mortar style ones.

Looks like rain here. The city has a big fireworks display down by the river but i’m guessing it might not happen with the forecast…but who knows. Its going to be warm, muggy and buggy for sure.

If you want a plant that is the biggest bee attractor i’ve ever seen grow this stuff…it’s a little invasive and likes to reseed but is easily controlled. It’s called motherwort.


we have that wild in the ditches here everywhere. your right. they are always covered with bees. they love my borage/ comfrey also. i harvest the leaves and let the flowers stay for them.



Went swimming/snorkeling for the day at a lake north of here yesterday. Beautiful…low 80Fs/sunshine and a nice NE breeze…and the humidity has been dropping even thru today (dews in the 50Fs). Water temp i figure was right around 75F… I think it would have been chilly if it was cloudy but with the sun it was fine. Kayaks were out all over the lake…they’ve really become popular the last 5 to 10 years (i own one but rarely use it)… I’ve taken it out on the river but i burn up in that thing…need a big big hat while out there in the sun paddling and some good sunglasses or better yet just get a pontoon and live the life like the boomers (the Mississippi River today is full of pontoons…they’ve taken over).

Extended looks a tad cooler then it has been…mostly 80F ish and 60 ish at night …maybe back into upper 80Fs by late week. Good rain chance tomorrow night. I guess it beats the 70F+ dewpoints we had.

I’m trying semi hardwood cuttings…i’ve done a few a day for the past 2 weeks. Have no idea what i’m doing or if anything is going to work. I have used that hormone powder and have everything covered to keep things moist…we shall see!


What do you do with the Borage leaves?


chicken fodder as well as the nettle , dandelions, plantain and some comfrey.


Ah, just wondering if people could eat it. I’ve been eating a lot of dandelion, plantain, nettle, and purslane this year.


TX-LA border prepare…


I eat borage in salad. Tastes like cucumber.


i believe you can. i know the flowers are edible.


We’ve had a couple days without rain now. Unfortunately, more rain is on the way this week from the sounds of it. We need 10 sunny, dry days for the garden to catch up


I grow borage before as I recall, its leafs are kinda furry /fuzzy/hairy…I wasn’t brave enough to put leafs in my salad


It would appear mid month on should see some SIGNIFICANT heat build into the Ohio Valley/midwest… yikes… get ready for some 90Fs or better and probably a lot of humidity.

While driving thru the backroads of rural central Wisconsin this weekend i was looking at the 1000’s of acres of corn crops that dont’ look so good. Lots of ankle high corn…lot of yellow corn…maybe the tallest was knee high…some fields were brown and some still had standing water in them. I don’t think i saw one good field…maybe a field of knee high or so stuff. I’m guessing up on the ridgetops there is better fields but i didn’t notice any. Previous years the corn would have been waste high by now (or taller).