How is your weather?


It is so hot and humid here. Crazy weather!!! Heat index is over 100 plus. A/C 24/7 for a long while.



upper 70’s going to upper 80’s this weekend with high humidity and thunder showers. have yet to have to water any of my newly planted trees and shrubs . a near perfect summer so far.


Yes. You win with this…

77F for a dewpoint with an airtemp in the upper 90Fs is brutal . Biking or running outside in that might be dangerous.


Yeah, we got almost 2 inches and temps still in the 80s now.

All to the good


More coming tonite and more Sat when the cold front finally pushes through… We’ve been lucky locally. Everything has been missing this area for the most part.

Grand Marias, MN currently sitting at 60F…Next day or 2 would be a great time to flee Minneapolis for Lake Superior.


Took a 10 mile bike ride…temp was 88F and the dew point came up to 77F here the last few hours. Omg… even being cloudy that was the worst ride this year (lots of biking since i gave up running) in terms of sweat. I think i’ll skip tomorrow.

Sunday overnite forecast showing 59F… bring it on!


From this week’s Drought Report:

In part due to mid-July heat, short-term dryness was of great concern across the lower Midwest, where compaction, crusting, and dryness was reported in previously saturated topsoils.


Been running the A/C here for about a week. Sounds like today should be the last day of that. Highs in the upper 70s and lows in the upper 50s starting tomorrow for at least a few days.



Heat index 112 in Des Moines at 3:00. 8/10’s rain 2 weeks ago. 3/10’s 2 days ago. We could use a nice drink of water and a cool down.



Its so hot here in central Maryland that the leaves on the oak trees seem to be limp and wilting. Heat stress? High of 97F with a heat index of 110 today. I will water later tonight, when I’m not going to drown in my own sweat.

Most of the heat-tolerant and sub-tropical plants I was trying on a whim are loving this weather, but not anything else that I’d normally grow. Like tomatoes.:frowning:


80F dewpoint … 117F! Not too bad considering 172 days ago it was -33F.


Oh…and we got over 3 inches of rain overnight.


Very impressive storms blowing up across N WIsconsin. Even getting the blow off clouds down here now… should h elp temps fall back some. Tornado in the Rice Lake area…


The first half of July has been unusually cool and wet.April and maybe even March had warmer days.
That’s going to change next week,with 75-80F temps,most likely into mid August.
I’d probably not want to be anywhere else during the


Major change over night. Darn right cool outside this a.m. Dew point at 55.


I think you’re supposed to send that southward in a day or two! Good!



Hazy Hot and Humid! wore to 69f at 5am. going to be in the upper 80’s with 70+ dew points! this northern boys sticking to the a/c today!


Overnight low was 84F…can’t remember such a warm night here. Storms moved thru a little while ago and another huge band making its way across MN… should be a very rainy afternoon. Over 5 inches of rain for July… going to end up a very wet month again. Looking forward to the cool down.

LOW temps…