How is your weather?




No sun here lately…Lots of trees are showing color it would seem…very early from what i can tell…


lows 60’s and rain off and on.


About a month early - the dry weather is making them cut their losses


Just had to get the palm tree in…:grinning:


Incredibly dry drought conditions here. It’s so bad the poison ivy and red trumpet flower vines are dying.






It’s been beautiful here for several days (and hopefully several days yet)–highs in the 80s, lows in the 60s.


It has been dry here too. I only got 1.71" for the month of August. We had about 2x our normal July precip, but otherwise we have been dry most of the growing season. No rain yet and 9 days into September

For the first time in the 4 years that we have lived in our house the wet spot/tiny creek in our backyard is dry. It made mowing it a cinch today! Now if I only had the time to dig in a tile line while it isn’t complete muck…


Any chance of hurricane rain reaching you?


Nope. Every time rain is in the forecast, it comes down all around us but misses us completely or only drops a few beads of water. If I believed in spirits, I’d say I angered one.

I suppose on the plus side, I’m undergoing a project of cleaning out a pond and this weather is perfect for that. The not so good part is I have to haul water from the pond to keep any plants alive I don’t wish to part with.

This is a very stark contrast to the flood of water we had this spring. I’m guessing that’s what’s keeping some trees alive, the water IS down there somewhere. I tried to dig a hole a few days ago, cut my hand on the very sharp dirt, that’s how dry it is… I had to use a pickaxe to break it up. Broke the handle on my spade too.


Very dry here in Kansas for several weeks. Our ground water water table is full underneath so we are very fortunate. Ponds are full and I need to do some dam work once it drys out 6-7 feet down. The top of the soil is very dry , hard, and dusty! This is the road in front of my house. Typically fall rains would be starting shortly but nothing has been typical for several years


Same here. It does have a curse-like quality

WU says there’s a blocking high that will keep the hurricane remnants from getting this far, but it’ll reach the state, They Say


I got something done today that I’ve been wanting to do for 3 years in the yard. With the dry weather I got tile line installed in my backyard swamp. 60’ of 4" tile, dug by hand, going to be sore tomorrow.


I’m bracing for Irma. My place is in Southwest GA, fingers crossed!


Congrats on the finished project.



Was the drain already there?


Nope. I added the drain. It is on the edge of my property line. This is the first time the “spring” has stopped running water since we moved in. And also the day before was the first time I was able to mow all the way down to the bottom without sinking the mower in. Hopefully this changes that some.


The predicted high for today was 78 but at the moment it’s pushing 90. :sun_with_face: