How is your weather?


Florida CONED!


Lookslike Haiti in the crosshairs


That’s a 60% chance it won’t happen.


It looks very well, but hope not…


I don’t know if it qualifies as “weather” but I sure noticed it was dark half an hour earlier than it was a month ago!



thunderstorms dropped 2in. of rain yesterday. its like a a sauna out there this morning.


Got about 1.5" of rain yesterday and a cold front passed. It was in the upper 50s last night. Upper 40s tonight :grinning: I love cool nights for sleeping


It is like a hothouse in Honduras here in Newport. Just moved out of my house during the most humid week of the year so far. Miserable. thank goodness my friends have air conditioning!!!


its hot and sticky as hell here too. the showers yesterday have made the air oppressive today.



Dropped to 60F this morning…felt almost fallish out there. Very comfortable weather. NAEFS keeps the coolish weather right into mid month for most of the area.

Alaska stays very warm.

Was out driving in the country last weekend and noticed the corn (lots of corn grown in this area) was looking far better. Lots of it tasseling… Looks like the weather really helped at least locally. Does look dry until next weekend.


Our dew point has went from 72F about 48hrs ago to 54F…the difference is so noticeable. Shouldn’t need AC today.


send the cool dry air this way. upper 80’s and high humidity forcasted for the next 3 days.


It was 48 when I got up this morning. Down right nippy. Felt great


Time to start planting the fall garden!


Had to water most of my nursery stock in containers today…for the first time. Lost one apple in a 5 gallon pot that was 3 years old due to dried up.

One week with dry weather, wind, and low humidity…and even in the shade the containers are dried out.

To be fair, that particular tree had soil directly from a bag …. not my normal custom mixing and blending.


We got some brief showers here, but hardly softened up the ground much.

Not directly weather related, but maybe it is, but how are you handling the grasshopper plague in Vegas, @jujubemulberry? That’s some crazy stuff going on.


the plague is such that it is now more appropriate to rename them in biblical terms: locusts.
this species seems to be not too excited about devouring crops, as the only casualties were okra/squash seedlings, and didn’t even touch the older okra bushes and older squash vines.
fruit trees were all spared as well. Incidentally,the locust horde we have now are relatively small and brownish, and it is the large green locusts(not sure what species) which sometimes eat juju foliage. Thankfully they only eat in small nibbles, and do not seem to actively seek out juju trees.

as for biblical terms and nibbling, well, nibbling on the problem seems to be the best solution --and kosher at that. Some conservationists say that insects are a protein(and omega-3’s) of the future. And there seems to be no issues with locusts at risk of going extinct. Many crop farmers wish they actually would follow the dodo bird’s path. Those 'hoppers are supposedly delicious, and have heard that in some parts of africa, a pound of hoppers is more expensive than a lb of beef. Also sure the spca would find it more humane than farming mammals and birds, while proponents of organic produce would give it an A+ rating, and conservationists would deem it ‘sustainable’ and environmentally-friendly.



You need to think of a good recipe for the Japanese beetles ASAP. They are everywhere in Omaha and the Midwest. They don’t spare any foliage at all and go after soybean, pawpaw, apple, jujube, plum, apricot, peach, persimmon, cherry, roses, wild weeds, and large hard wood trees. I sprayed Sevin a total of 6 times this year so far killed thousands. They will going into the ground soon for egg laying around the middle of August. The cycle never ends until some kind of virus or bacteria that kill them all. I don’t even think milk spores do the job here since the whole farming areas are infested. Ugh!!!