How is your weather?



I hear you about the J beetles. They have shredded my pluot leaves worse than anything else, and have got to a few of the apple trees. Now they’re after some of my raspberries and blackberries. Next year I’ll spray my pluots before they start up.


The polar vortex last winter seems to have decimated them, we have so few now I haven’t even bothered to spray the plums and cherries. I even have roses in flower! I’m sure that in a few years they’ll build their population back up, but it’s nice to see them gone temporarily


sorry to hear that @tonyOmahaz5

[quote=“tonyOmahaz5, post:5022, topic:4490”]
after soybean, pawpaw, apple, jujube, plum, apricot, peach, persimmon, cherry, roses, wild weeds, and large hard wood
[/quote] was wondering if they also attacked mulberries


Some how the white latex in Mulberry and fig deterred them from eating it. Btw,
I pinched the tips of my figs and the white latex got on my skin one time and I got a brown 1" scar for a month before the new skin developed over the brown scar. Nasty stuff.



Got to 91 today, so quite warm. But tonight we got about a 30 minute pop-up storm, and it gave us a good soaking, without too much wind. We actually needed some rain, it’s been about 9 days since we’ve had any real rain. Hope the brief downpour doesn’t cause my tomatoes to split, guess we’ll see tomorrow.


Seems to be the same situation here. I saw my first 10 days ago and I’ve only seen a total of 4 so far. Quite a change from the last five years.


I think the JBs are just getting going this year due to the cool spring and relatively cool summer. I put out some trash can traps and they are crawling with thousands of J. beetles, even though I hadn’t seen many previously. We aren’t that far from you and had plenty of Polar Vortex cold.


Interesting you get them so heavily. I have killed 1 here and really haven’t noticed any although i haven’t been looking. Its weird…one year they were pretty thick and then another year i hardly saw any…this seems like a low year again. I 'm wondering if winter isn’t killing off some or most of them…lets hope.


This past week or so has been amazing. Highs in the 80Fs, lows in the 50Fs/low 60Fs. Like Miami in January. Today thru the weekend looks warmer though…88F today…and humidity on the rise for the weekend. Rain chances coming back too (been dry). Extended looks great…no heatwaves and cooling back off again next week.

I’m going to do all my chip budding this weekend. I need to move around some stuff and i want to get rid of some things this fall.


I saw a few JBs on a couple Basswood trees about a month ago. That was the extent of them this year (knock on wood). I also noticed next to zero tent worms this spring. I’m guessing the polar vortex did most of the egg masses in last winter.


im not complaining but I’ve never seen a JB here. i guess we are lucky for now.


Saw my first Japanese beetles in Corbin KY…the year 1977…up the fence row behind the original Kentucky Fried Chicken store…eating up sasafrass trees like they were candy. I know they’ve since migrated slowly as far west as the Rocky Mountains…but I don’t know how far north they survive.


They survive fine in the Minneapolis area.


Hot and humid…should stay hot thru monday…slight slight cool off…and then a better cool off late week. Probably AC weather thru mid/late week around here…then maybe a break.

Chip budded for a few hours. 89F and more humdity…sweaty mess. I didn’t chip bud at all last year so i want to move some stuff around.

Last week i had to chainsaw off a large apricot branch that finally gave out from last winter…it wasn’t doing much and finally the leaves just all curled up…

Turning crusty around here. The lawns are quickly browning up. The soil is mostly sand so it doesn’t take much to go from lush to crust. Ever so slight rain chance this weekend…Monday night looks the best chance.


Gotten dry again, so today I’m going to water a couple of trees in prep for budding on Monday


I did some more budding. I’ve done pluots, peaches and cots so far… The cots being the most annoying and peaches being the easiest. One problem i have is using tiny budwood…my container trees put out very little growth so while there is mature buds to use, they are tiny…so a little annoying to deal with…Still have to put a satsuma on 2 more trees and then i should be about done… I’m going to get rid of most of the container trees after this. I’m going to keep the containers to the tropicals.

86F/65F … ragweed should really get going here in the next week. (fun).


It started to hit me today

Gonna wait a couple days for budding - still too hot and dry


I placed about 30 buds this weekend…we’ll see how many actually make it. Some looked real good others are …eh… I won’t know until spring.

91F and humid with lots of wind. Storms to the north…should push thru here in a few hours i think. Been 8 days with no rain and its amazing how dry everything is now. Only good thing is shouldn’t need to mow anytime soon.

Extended looks very mild…no heatwaves in sight. Should see lots of 70-low 80F ish temps…overnight lows drop to the 50Fs late week. I noticed the last round of cool weather triggered my potted strawberries into blooming a bunch (everbearing).


Glad I got out in the heat earlier today to mow as we’ve had a couple storms blow through tonight, with another coming in, I can hear it rumbling now to the west.

My Mom is here visiting us, and we had finished supper this evening and decided to clear off the table and play some dominoes. It was rumbling outside, and raining pretty good, we need it. Anyway, we were just sitting there playing and BOOOM! lightning struck very close by, just a flash and instant explosion. It sounded like someone fired off a shotgun at the front door. My wife screamed, thought we got hit.

I don’t know where it struck but it had to be within a couple hundred yards. We are up on a hillside, almost surrounded by big trees, so I’m surprised we don’t get more close calls.

Anyone on here ever have a really close encounter with lightning?