How is your weather?


Getting a nice toad strangler we desperately needed, just like a cow peeing on a flat rock, a real gully washer. Do you have any other raining hard euphemisms? raining cats and dogs?


Was 90s now is 60s-70s




No rain, but grey skies. A tad humid, a very gentle breeze, and one can wear pants or shorts.
Perfect day to go to the county fair!


Humidity dropping, pressure rising, and They Say it’ll cool off some overnite.


Fantastic, I want to hear more!!!


Typical August…warm, high humidity and thunderstorms…temps aren’t ridiculously high and we’re expecting a bit of a break next week when the highs come down to the low 90’s, and then 80’s towards the end of the week…

This is the best part though, tropics are quiet…hopefully I didn’t jinx it…


It has been dry the past few week…very warm and dry. Cool overnight …looks wet weekend though…high chances of rain Sat…some Sun and again Monday. Hope this pattern isn’t turning wet again. Kind of liking this dry…don’t need to mow anymore.


Hardly any rain anywhere…but torrents of rainwater were pouring off the cliffs into the Kentucky river around 5 p.m. today just south of Lexington.


My DeafBlind former university roommate lives in Jacksonville


Cooling just a bit!


going to be in the upper 60’s to low 70’s for the next week. cool for august but I’m not complaining. :wink:


At 5:45:am. 76 degrees F and 90% humidity. Highs for the next seven days is from the low 92-98.
My plans are to do some yard work until about 10am and then chill


Much needed rain today!!!maybe 2’ and still going!!!


Got a little rain overnite, lots predicted for Mon nite


Cooler evenings already in the low 60’s tonight. The friends who spend their winters in Florida are complaining and turning on their heat! It’s New England!


I got up and went out at 4:15 this morning. It was 79 degrees and had to be at least 90% humidity…



68f sunny and 40% humidity. :wink: