How is your weather?


Been raining all weekend and this morning , I hope it’s done. Flooding will ensue …


We’ve been pretty lucky here… small rains every few days have been the norm the past couple weeks. I just mowed for the first time in probably 2 weeks so that has been a nice break.

57F last night. Like free AC with the window open. 84F today and 87F tomorrow before the high temps will “only” be in the 70Fs the rest of the week. A nice preview of fall. Next good rain doesn’t look until late in the weekend.


We desperately need rain. It looked like we were going to get some rain yesterday but the clouds just gave me the finger and went the other direction. Not very nice if you ask me.


Metaphorically speaking, you are so on point :smile:


I understand. But if you want high brix fruit drought is the recipe. Ask Alan he’s been hoping for a drought for yrs. As long as the trees aren’t dropping leaves wholesale it’s not too dry.


The fruit I grow is just a hobby and does not pay the bills, our farm is what needs the rain.
This is our corn from earlier this year.


Derecho forming… take care!


Not many real farmers on here. That does look ugly, really ugly. Not much to call soil from the looks of it. I’m from the Midwest and a dairy/hog farm. Cultivated lots of corn, as in weeding with an 8 row cultivator. I think that’s what we called it. Then grew some corn during my work with A&M. So I feel your pain. I hope you get the rain you need…!!



10 day forecast shows a number of days with 60s for highs and 40s for lows. Paper birch leaves are starting to yellow. Fall is coming


my aronia and red maple are starting to color also. 64f right now and beautiful out.


Yeah, fall arrives (kinda) around late November in these parts. Nothing but overbearing sunshine and 90° temps as far as the eye can see!


That is not the climate for me.

I guess I should have said “Fall is coming to central MN”


I hear you. I know it sounds like first world problems, but man, I’d love to have some variability in the climate. Maybe not winter, but some actual weather.


Definitely fall weather - so wonderful! Great to be outside!



That’s more like it. Even though it may have not reached 80 in some areas in Kentucky…first frost is probably 60 days away still yet…so although fall is coming…and the cooler temps are welcome, happily cold is a good ways away still.

Louisport, thanks for the tropical update. this could be the first real hurricane of the season to affect the US. (Well, an earlier tropical storm might have reached the required 74 mph winds for a half hour or so to get it called a hurricane a few weeks ago.) This one is positioned where bad ones like Kartina or Andrew came from…not saying that will be the case. But the location and time of year is about right.




Miami WPB Metro under the gun!