How is your weather?


Looks like East side of Florida should start paying attention to this one. If it doesn’t go across top of Dominican Republic or Haiti…then it will keep gaining strength.


Not just Florida, now we have the CMC, GFS Legacy, and the ICON in the gulf…


It’s been the hottest day in my 15 yrs in Alpine, 103F. But my greenhouse didn’t get above 88F. Reason the dew point was upper 30s. Evap cooling works like a charm…!!


Dorian predicted track…


New 12z GFS ensembles


Hurricane landfall near Daytona, Florida!

" Update: The official NHC forecast at 11 pm EDT Tuesday placed Dorian near Melbourne, Florida, as a Category 1 hurricane on Sunday evening. Some individual model runs have been much stronger, such as the 18Z Tuesday runs of the HWRF model and the recently retired legacy GFS model. (That version of the GFS was last year’s top-performing model for intensity at 120 hours, as we discussed in a July post.)"


Guess our quiet season is over…A lot could change over the next couple of days, but if it stays on path it will make landfall just south of us possibly near Daytona…with the storm tracking west the strongest winds will be north of center, so for us in Jacksonville we could see a major wind event. This is why we constantly stay prepared (at least those of us that are smart).

As is the case with every storm, there will be the last minute panic on Saturday with people clearing the shelves of the grocery stores of bottled water, batteries and bread (why the bread?) Then there will be the lines to get gas. At this point I need to top off my gas supplies for the genny then we’ll wait it out…

I’m responsible for the business continuity plan at my company so we’ll start sending out communications by tomorrow keeping people updated. For all my fellow Floridians in the potential path please stay safe.


We finally received some much needed rain. It rained all day Monday and some on Tuesday. It was a slow rain but we only received less than inch of rain, 6/10 of an inch. Much needed even if that little bit. Before that we had not received any rain, to speak of, in over 3 weeks.


Been like fall the last 10 days it seems. Very dry…very windy too…dew points down in the 40Fs which seems super low this time of year.


Cool - 60’s (feels nice) damp and clammy (not so much)


Just looked first time at this on Euro… looks like across Florida (L Okeechobee) and then get back into the GOM and organize (strengthen?) and hit again along the gulf coast (MS?AL)…


Fair turning to poor turning to dreadful


praying for you guys! stay safe!


I’m heading to my place by Tallahassee. It looks to be better farther north and well inland obviously. I’ll go up tonight. People in The Villages where I’ve been working are going full on stupid crazy already. Dumb northerners…,…lol


i guess its better to over react than under :wink: that said, id dig in and ride it out but I’m just a weather nut like that. if i was in tornado alley id probably be a storm chaser.


Euro takes it right at (maybe a tad south) L Okeechobee and then does a hard right turn over FLorida and goes right thru the middle of the state northward… maybe landfall Wpalm beach or somewhere in that region…


I haven’t ran the AC in close to a week. Amazing that it was almost cold last night sleeping. Winds h owling again today but back out of the south…clouds looking like rain but radar empty locally… One of the strangest/coolest/cloudiest August’s in my recent memory. Reminds me a lot of August of '97…there was also an August in 03 or 2004 ish that i remember seeing frost on the 25th.



Disaster scenario.


That would be interesting, Luisport.

I doubt that track…but we shall see…Monday is a ways out, and they aren’t even good with 24 hours ahead!

(As I posted somewhere, a couple days ago…might be a 90 mph storm…or twice that. But it doesn’t look good for Florida!)


Having thankfully dodged Dorian, we were blessed with a gorgeous sunset yesterday.

while we were lucky, I know a lot of folks up in the Carolinas got slammed…hopefully anyone among the growing fruit community that was in path is safe.