How is your weather?


my stepson is under a hurricane watch in Halifax, N.S. supposed to get 95mph winds there. many are evacuating the s.w coast of nova scotia.


What a freakin storm…So lucky it bypassed us…:astonished:


WTNT65 KNHC 061255

Hurricane Dorian Tropical Cyclone Update
NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL AL052019
900 AM EDT Fri Sep 06 2019


Surface and radar data indicate that the center of Hurricane Dorian
made landfall at 835 AM EDT (1235 UTC) over Cape Hatteras, North
Carolina. Maximum sustained winds were near 90 mph (150 km/h) with
a minimum central pressure of 956 mb…28.23 inches.

A Weatherflow station at Ocracoke, North Carolina, recently
reported a sustained wind of 73 mph (117 km/h) and a wind gust of
89 mph (143 km/h). Other stations at Hatteras High School and
Buxton both recently reported a minimum central pressure of 957
mb…28.26 inches.


LOCATION…35.3N 75.5W

Forecaster Blake


I’ve always been interested in weather, but I think as you get older you get “more” interested…Found myself looking at personal weather stations but never pulled the trigger. I think I’m finally ready. Was eyeing this one in particular…ambient weather ws-2902, seems to have really good reviews.

Mainly I’d like to be able to link up to weatherunderground and also see what the weather is doing at my house when I’m away and track historical data. This unit looks like it can do all of that right out of the box for a pretty reasonable price…I recall there was a thread on this topic, but couldn’t find it…if someone can point me in that direction I’ll move this post over there. Thoughts?


My thoughts are that every time a new weather station hooks up with Weather Channel or Weather Underground…it give them that many more “RECORD HIGHS” for the current year!

(They don’t tell you that the 114 old standby stations of NOAA show there is no temperature increase in the US in the past 15 years!)


Here is a picture of the outer edge crossing over us Wednesday evening. The worst was Thursday morning but it was not bad and we had little damage.


Pretty excited, got my weather station up and running yesterday. Once I found a good location, the rest was easy. Able to report in real-time on Weather Underground and Ambient weather…

Station ID: KFLJACKS3469


We still have not had a decent rain in over a month. I few sprinkles here and there. The ground is as hard as cement. Not a downpour just a slow steady rain. Nothing is site for the next 10 days.


I am watering twice a week. So far lost about 5, or said another way, about 3%, of my container trees at this juncture. Only 2 to 2.5 inches rain since Week of July 4th.

Seedling pawpaws seem unusually able to hang in under dried out conditions.
And one 3 year old I thought had died from lack of water…put out new growth when I soaked it good. So, it’s apples, plus a few other, that I’m having a time with keeping wet under these conditions.

(And we were waay ahead for the year up until then…the ‘spigot’ got turned off.)

Last year I didn’t have to water hardly at all. We got about 80 inches last year.


I think we have had just about as much rain as you have had. Not much at all. I am on a well so I cannot water as much as I would like to. I have enough to use inside my house and that is about all. We REALLY need rain, a day or two of a slow steady rain.
We were way ahead of last year, even more than about 20 years of rain up until about the end of June. Like you said, the spigot just got turned off.


Ours comes in humidity. Although we have had rain as well. Everything is dripping in the mornings. Hell keeping up with the grass…


we haven’t had rain since Dorian went by, but you’re right about the humidity…although I actually ran my sprinklers this morning…hated to do it…now watch it pour this afternoon…that’s always the way it goes.


The Summer is STRONG here in Florida…Damn.


You may get some breezes and clouds from Humberto. In KY, most have had no more than 2 inches in two + months. Temps are hot here, but obviously a bit worse in Florida.

We’ve broken one or two high temp records in my area in September already. 97 or higher.


We’ve had 100’s multiple times this year. Even as hot as it usually is here that’s unusual. You are indeed correct. Winds are kicking pretty good today and supposed to tomorrow. A small help but a help nonetheless!


August was about normal temp for the month, but the second half was cool overall…didn’t need AC for several weeks. Very dry (almost 3 inches below norm) and cloudy too. My strawberry runners i potted up over the summer have been blooming/forming fruit…

This past week it finally turned wet and we had around 4 inches and in spots a lot more. Storms again tonite.

Looking ahead it looks warm the next week…to 10 days…


been wetter and cooler than usual overall.


Horrible! The Concord grapes were almost ripe, and now we are in a week of constant rain. Mind you, rain in DC is a sheet of water, while rain in Vancouver, Washington can be sprinkles. The result is the same, too much water.

I hope it don’t ruin the fruit.

The positive? I don’t have to water anything…


I was just looking at the weather chart on At my orchard it only hit 90s (91F) once all summer. Only got above 85 8 times, so it has been a cool, but quite humid summer here east of St. Paul.


Finally got some much needed rain over the weekend. My PWS measured close to 1/2 and inch at our house…

While I’ve always know rain has a big impact on temps it’s interesting to see it on a graph…this is data taken from my PWS.

You can see right around 11:45 the Feel Like temp was 101

Then the rain…within a span of 25 minutes the Feel like temp dropped 20 degrees.