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Latest HRRR 13Z ABSOLUTELY devastating. This is ON TOP of what has already fallen…


Jefferson Co Officials order evacuation due to imminent levee break.

Jillian Fertig
BREAKING: Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick is ordering Gilbert Lake Estates to evacuate due to concerns that Green Pond Levee could break. The only way out is by boat. If you can assist, Jefferson Co. is asking for your help.

In Southeast Texas, Imelda Inundates Homes and Roads; Hospital Evacuated, Hundreds Rescued from High Water - less than an hour ago

Flash Flood Emergencies continue for parts of southeastern
Texas as isolated storm totals from #Imelda could get up to 30-40". More than 2 feet of rain already reported in places like Hamshire & Pine Island Bayou. #txwx

NEW: Texas Governor @GovAbbott declares a state of disaster in 13 Texas counties as #Imelda brings extreme flooding to parts of the state #TXwx


Can’t imagine getting the kind of rain they’re having in Texas…worst part about Houston is it’s in a bowl so the water really has no where to go…also saw something on the news that since 1950 the size of the city has grown 650%…more concrete and pavement, less open land to absorb the water = flooding…

Here in NE FL we’re having pretty much perfect weather…got a cool front moving through and a little over .6 inches of rain in the last 24 hours…


lowlands this week got killing frost 2xs but so far I’ve been spared. have 17 pepper plants outside in 5 gal. fab. pots that are still ripening. i want salsa! supposed to hit near 80f tom. but more showers moving in next week.



First frost/freeze? for some across MN/WI around day 10. Nothing crazy cold, but still fun to watch. Probably 2 cold mornings with shots of frost across the area.


Based upon 46 years of personal calculating, I’d be very surprised if we get frost in Kentucky before the next Full Moon.
Happened in 1980 on Sept. 18 I think. We’ll be setting record warm records next week.


Major heat along the east coast as we go cold. DC and those areas should be baking while mid/late fall weather is over this area.

The days are really starting to shorten …really starting to notice the early nights.

The avg first frost here is that second week of October. Although we’ve gone into early November before a hard killing freeze.


rain here all week in the low 60’s. want to put in the garlic but it will have to wait until the weekend.


Twice I’ve been in Wisconsin…both times in October. The first one like to have froze my butt off…as it had snowed the week before. 1986. Second time, left in freezing rain…I think it was 1994. Brrr.

Gotta get to work…pleasant day in Kentucky.


Last year iirc no frost here til Nov, leaves still on the trees in Dec


Now that is something. Up here we had pretty much frost/freeze everyday from Oct 12 thru the 24th…coldest morning being 26F on the 21st of Oct. Then November 9th was 21F and the 10th was 18F so that was that… A lot of plants will hang in there during the upper 20Fs/low 30Fs…but once the teens show up it is game over.

Sever weather later tonite…something to watch. Cold front moving thru.

Should be in the 80Fs today… Starting to get to that point where we won’t see 80F again until next spring/early summer… Next Monday/Tues looks clost to 80F…after that i would probably say bye bye to summer warmth…as we enter October the temps really plummet back to typical fall weather.


Perfect start to the day here…Nice mild temps and 5 days since the last measurable rain fall. Although the forecast is calling for a high near 95 that will challenge our 1961 record…Not sure where in town that particular weather station is or if was relocated since 1961 (that would be interesting to know). My bet is we top out at around 92…guess we’ll see…


The storms last night produced 5 tnads in Iowa and 1 in Wisconsin. Very nice light show with a lot of lightning.

If the month ended right now this would be the warmest Sept ever …temps are running +6F … #1 warmest was 2015 and 2016 was the 7th warmest…still some time for monthly avg to drop so not sure where we’ll end up. Temp forecast is 70F ish the rest of the month (Monday closer to 80F)…but overnight temps will bring it down.

Over an inch of rain last night. That puts the rain total here for Sept at 6.55 inches. Depending on how late week goes with a very good chance of rain/storms Friday…we might break into the top 10 of wettest Sept on record…#10 is just over 7 inches…so 3/4 inch or so should do it. Another shot of rain for Sunday…



Yeah the NAEFS has been all over that cold shot into the Pacific Northwest. Looks like it has some staying power. The flip side is the monster ridge that looks to be stuck over the SE into the Ohio Valley/East coast…should see record heat in those areas.


The prognosticators were giving from 40 to 100 percent chance of showers and a chance of thunder early this morning…I do see a couple spots where the pavement outside is damp, but I surely didn’t hear no thunder. Technically, we may have gotten a ‘shower’ but it wouldn’t have been enough to ruin a letter printed with an ink jet printer!



Yea!!! Holy Skamoly!

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