How is your weather?


Second week of October looking pretty chilly across the northern states…

73F today with dewpoints around 40F… very dry air. I’ve slowly been ripping out most of my garden.


My fall brassicas just coming in - not time to do that yet.


My purple headed cauliflower or whatever it was i started maybe last March…finally headed up maybe a month back. I probably should pick it. The cabbage loopers have been horrible. I squished a bunch of them the other day. My plants i started at the end of July are growing pretty quickly…i also have some heading lettuce that looks good. I think if i can time this stuff right fall time might be the better way to go with this stuff.

Here is one of them…i had 2 heads like this. What they did was form heads on side branches…the main stem still never formed a head…so i cut them all down.

Pouring here this morning. Maybe another 1/2 of rain. Dry tomorrow and then rain Sun and onwards. Ugh.

Next week on GFs not looking nearly as cold. Maybe low/mid 40Fs late week. Prior ones had it showing a chance to drop near freezing…so the season marches on.


Here in northern VA it has been dry, dry, dry. Every time I take a look at the 10-day forecast hoping to see some rain coming, nothing.

Whenever I walk the dog I look around at the trees and see a lot going yellow and brown in sections and some looking like they have just died. I saw 9 big oaks along one 1/4 mile stretch in my neighborhood with all brown leaves, looking dry and dead. I lost a few apple trees I had in a nursery area from not keeping an eye on them and watering enough. I’m watering the main trees and gardens fairly regularly, but they really need a deep soak.


Chance of first frost tonight. I’d like another 7-10 days to keep picking fall red raspberries, but it is getting to be that time.


we’ve had 2 but didn’t hit us on the hill here yet. i hear you about the fall raspberries. they are 2 weeks behind because our cold spring and just started to produce last week. autumn britten, polka and jaclyn. my floro. rasps. prelude, cascade gold and ACC eden should give me a good 1st harvest next summer. baby cakes blackberries still have a lot to ripen also. supposed to get a good frost here sun. night. maybe we will dodge the bullet again. :wink:


Don’t even try to grow broc and caul in the spring anymore. Fall is the right time for it, unless you plant too late and get frozen out


36 this morning. The raspberries get another a few days at least. Next chance of frost is Thursday


suposed to hit 28 sun. night here. they may be all done.


Geez…72 here last night. I’m going up to Northern Kentucky this week , Weds.Thurs. Friday, looks like 90’s there until Friday…Heat has been tough this year…


our average for October


Yeah…next year i’m skipping it in the spring. I may still try for lettuce.

Cool 54F this morning.

Oktoberfest going on here…big parade today in town.


Looking at models…looks safe here for no frost until at least mid October…although next week we really turn from summer (80F or better early week) type temps to fall temps. Lots of 50Fs and 60Fs in the long range…overnights in the 40Fs… I highly doubt we see another 80F this fall after Monday. Lots of rain starting late tonite thru mid week.


Beautiful Indian summer here, after a few days of 40s in the am.
My remaining tomatoes (Early Girl, Mr Stripey and Bonnie centennial) may even ripen completely on the vine.


We probably hit 90 briefly yesterday, but it cooled at night nicely. Lower humidity and fewer hours of sunshine…gets hot in day, but cools good at night.
Reminds me of 1980, only the dry and heat arrived several weeks later this year. We’re in mist of a 7 or 8 day 90 degree stretch it appears in KENTUCKY. A few records will tumble. (Funny thing July and August were cooler than normal here.)


24 hour rainfall totals. For the areas that received in excess of 3 inches of rain the past 24 hours, that amount exceeds the amount of rainfall these areas see on average for the ENTIRE month September.


We have had a challenging year for fruit trees here in central Montana. -50 temps in February, a late spring with very few bees present and then rain at least twice a week all through the Summer and Fall. The trees are still fully leafed out and green and we are in the start of what forcasters refer to as a “historic weather event”. Up to 16" of wet, heavy snow , accompanied by 40 to 50 mph winds.


That there (28°) is my winter low for the last 3 years lol


The cold is great. Keeps the masses away. :slight_smile:

67F this afternoon…about perfect late Sept day.


at least when its cold you can put on more clothes. when its hot all the time , there is no relief unless you sit under A/C all day. people love coming to Maine in the summer. the few daring souls that try to live here year round have a rude awakening once the temps drop to -20f and you have to go out in it to shovel feet of snow. i still prefer it to 80’s 90’s and 100’s any day. only thing I’m jealous of is the ability to garden year round in warmer enviroments.