How is your weather?



Now you’re being funny.




True enough. But at least here with very low dew points and low humidity we are actually very comfortable even in the high heat. On wednesday we were 100° but 48° dew point. Still very comfortable. And yes gardening year round is the huge advantage.


Warm/hot and dry is alluring for an aging lifelong upper Midwesterner…that’s for darn sure


No issues with the weather. Just the traffic and the amount of people…and the cost.

Gorgeous evening but rain moving in. Drunks all over today/this evening.


You have that right. My wife works 20 min from home, so that’s what plants us here for now.


I hear you. I travel a lot for work and the joints thank me when I come back to the hot dry climate. And growing citrus and pomegranates are also not a bad thing :grinning:


I watch a lot of Joe Rogan and he’ll bring up the traffic/amount of people in some of his podcasts (he’s right by where Leno has all his cars). The one show he even mentioned he’s thinking of moving to Montana. We don’t get a lot of Californians up this way…although i do see a ton of Florida plates still (in the summer//probably snowbirds). The closest i’m getting to anywhere warm is a greenhouse.


Funny, as mentioned when I travel to many states around the country for work, I always can’t help myself but go on and on how lucky they are to live in a locale that has such an amazing commute in rural areas. I really do get jealous. When I meet some of my co-workers locally it’ll be 1.5 hours to travel 20 miles (I wish I were kidding).


Same here in SW Ohio. I keep looking at the 10 day weather forecast on my phone. No rain at all. Or if it slightly hints at a 40-70% of rain in a few days, the following day the updated forecast % chance of rain goes back to 10%. We have not had any rain here since the first week or so of August. Almost two months of no rain. Everything is drying up so much and the leaves are falling like rain. No color to them as they should have , just brown.


That sucks Mike. Ohio is usually so full of color. We don’t get much change here. From green to dead is the normal. Of all the little things I miss here is the distinct seasons. We really only have hot and not so hot…


2-3 inches of rain here and more in the forecast. We’re getting what we needed, others getting a lot more.


Similar deal in central Maryland. It’s been too hot, and we have only had about 0.1” of rain all month. Some color trying to pop out in the trees, but a lot of leaves just dropping.

A cool down late next week looks fairly likely, (and looks like it will mostly stick), but the question still remains how much rain will come with it.


we are near prime color here. we don’t have oaks so its all maples ,birches and aspen mostly. my aronia and sumac are fire red. the colors are unreal! been pretty wet so the leaves should hang on awhile. see if i can take some pics to post today after church.


Lord almighty…I could not do that. I would literally lose my mind.


No kidding. I’m surprised there isn’t more road rage.


There are actually quite a few freeway shootings. Most times gang related, however.


I’ve said this before…but the worst traffic i’ve driven in as an adult was in Miami. It took me a few days to just adjust to driving down there and when i got back i really appreciated living here (as in we don’t have much traffic/commute/etc).

Rain/clouds and cold 57F this morning…should see maybe 86F tomorrow…and then i would say bye bye to summer temps until next spring. Extended isn’t cold, but much more October like.


Agreed. I’ve driven all over the east and north. I do 45,000 miles a year just in Florida. Miami is by FAR the worst…