How is your weather?


Just crossed Miami off the list of places to visit :grimacing:


Huh, surprised with the Miami comments. I visit occasionally found the traffic “bearable” lol.
For those interested here’s nations top 14 worst traffic locations. We clocked in at #8 Woohoo! Not!!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree with you. We usually get such nice fall colors. The ones that normally look nice prior to the frosts are just turning brown. Ugly looking fall, so far.


We avoided a frost again last night as it got down to 37 degrees this morning. Still no frost yet at our location going into the first day of Oct tomorrow…not bad. Looks like the next chance is Wed night or later this week before a slight warm-up heading into next week.


was 28f this morning. covered my small row of blackberries but thats it. supposed to cool to upper 40’s rest of the week and upper 20’s at night. seasons over here.


What a difference…


It was I5 or whatever the main drag is that runs north to south. Once you got south of Miami (driving down to the keys) it wasn’t so bad… All big cities are nuts (during rush hour). I know when my brother took his Wi to California to Florida and back road trip a few years back…he said La to San Diego was nuts…then Houston was crazy (he hit it at rush hour). I just hate driving these days. Maybe if i had a Tesla i’d feel differently.

Going for upper 80Fs today. Already 70F this morning with fog.

Bye Bye summer! Looking ahead i think we might pull out a 70F or 2…but mainly back into 50Fs and 60Fs.


True, all the city centers can be hell during their rush hour. A few years back my wife and I drove from Toronto Canada to California. Got a real taste of traffic patterns.

A chilly 50° here atm after an unusual dip into the 40° here overnight. Normal temps return late week.


87F in Uzes, France


90F here and very humid… should be upper 50Fs by late week. MY plants get one last day of heat.


Expecting 93 in Kentucky is the forecast.


80 with dewpoints in the mid 70s yesterday. May be lucky to hit 50 today with dewpoints in the 40s.


I’m going to be in Louisville Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday and Thursday will be hotter there then here in Florida. Looks like a nice break to 70’s and 59’s there on Friday…when I go home…of course…lol


High of 96 today in Franklin, TN…Mulberries putting on fruit and Apples blooming…crazy


Was still 81F at midnite but has dropped back to 67F this morning with on and off rain for hours. Today looks wet.

59F 58F and 60F… high temps weds-fri … very fallish.


As the East bakes, we here hit a very cold overnight low of 39.3°. Some areas of the state set record lows. Crazy, indeed!


Are you really in 9B? Those lows seem amazing for this time of year.


Yeah, typical crazy, semi-desert inland NorCal climate. We are a solid 9B. For example, today it’ll warm up to 80°. It was 103° last week lol. It’s a really cold upper level airmass over CA this week. Part of that same low pressure that brought record breaking snow to Montana. Next week we are back to normal low to mid 80’s. Crazy.


Well, enjoy Kentucky…but expect to see 90 or higher Wednesday and Thursday. One thermometer I saw said 94 a little while ago in Berea.


Sept avg temp was 69.1F in LaCrosse… so that is the 2nd warmest Sept ever after 2015 (69.3F)… soo close. Ended up with 6.77 inches of rain…which is just out of the top 10 wettest…still an impressive amount of rain after a very dry August.

3/4 inch of rain so far… should be more over the next 2 days… Dry slot right now for the afternoon…hopefully dries out a little.