How is your weather?


47f and drizzling right now. high of 43f tom.


how humid there?


Did a quick search for nearby airports… Closest i can find is Avignon, France (she said she’s near Uzes, France)… local time is just after midnite…

looking out 15 days looks pretty mild there.

I’d get on the TGV in Paris and then go to the Palace of Versailles and spend the day in the gardens there.


Same her in SW Ohio. Low 90’s an still no rain in site. We desperately need rain. No rain since the first week of August. Absolutely ZERO rain.


Dry air. Rained a little yesterday. But not humid here.


Sorry MikeC, must be even worse there. Trees and shrubs are dying here.
Weather dot com says 96 is the forecast here today. Then Thursday. And a 40 percent chance of a shower Sunday or Monday.

We had 2.5 inches on August 26 or about…and 0.2 during September. None the second half of July…I forget when it shut down. (Last time I looked we were still ahead for the year…thanks to a super wet spring.)


1.6 inches of rain for Tuesday here…a new daily record. More rain later today…55F…shouldn’t get out of the 50Fs today.

Sun comes back Friday…Saturday a wash out…sun Sunday… slight warmup into the weekend but still 60Fs…


Lorenzo hurricane in Azores islands



Just today i know of 2 people who are getting ready to leave for months in Florida to escape our winter. The snowbirds are gearing up for the big southward migration.

Rain rain rain…clouds clouds clouds. Need to start thinking about bringing some plants inside…house is still very warm…basement is running about 71F this time of year.should slowly start to cool and then really cool as we get into late November/Dec.


I saw 97 in Louisville at 2 p.m. on tv…saw 99 on one bank…but it’s always off.
Probably about 94 with a heat index of 92 or something like that where I was.


I always expect to get a bit of a drought when we get a really wet spring. However, this is a horrible drought stretch. I know they said we were only 1.5" below normal, for the year. My plants and trees don’t really look like they agree it is only 1.5" below normal rainfall.


Raining again

You can look on the radar and see just how far that blocking high in the SE extends, as the rain comes over and over the same route


Front pushed thru up here…strong NW winds (cold) this morning. Should be quiet until Sat…then all day rain. Sun-Tues look very nice. Then rain again as warm air moves in mid week (upper 60Fs to 70F).

Tonite should be low 40Fs.


Cold, wet, and dreary…that’s how the weather is here


Yesterday: 92, dank humidity, AC on
Today: 55, chill rain, lighting wood stove


Dodged another frost. We may get another week of picking hot peppers and red raspberries :grinning:


we got 4 good frosts so far and the raspberries are still ripening. most of the leaves are a purple color.


Here in central Montana, heavy wet snow “pruned” most of my 4 year old apple trees. They went from 7 or 8 to 5 foot high. Most of my second year bark grafts on old trees were scrubbed off of their limbs but all of the grafts from this past Spring survived. We have had a lot of rain this Fall, so trees are still fully leafed out and green. The 14" of wet snow caused a lot of damage to Cottonwood and Aspen trees. Utility crews worked four straight days to restore power due to trees falling over power lines. This was our first “frost event” of the season.


Finally the record heat broke today. We are heading for normal temperatures.