How is your weather?


Big snowstorm coming, probably to my west and north. It’s still gonna get cold here this weekend. Highs in the 30s, lows in the 20s, windchills in the teens.


Brrr………. A 35 degree drop over a 4 day span was a shock to my system…glad it’s staying above 32 here for the next week or two, at least I think it is.


I hear their is a snow storm coming? :thinking: Awwwwww…Quit yanking my chain!!! :roll_eyes:


Probably see some snow flurries this weekend if GFS is right. Looking like a garbage weekend…although i think i’ll get the winter gear out and go hiking.

Saw a very bright meteor tonite while driving down the road… Probably one of the brightest i’ve seen. I guess there are 2 meteor showers peaking this week so it must have been from one of those.

just adding here…after looking at models…hmmm…i wouldn’t be shocked to see some snow accumulate even around here. Parts of North Dakota could easily see 2+ feet… Denver and areas around there will go from 80F tomorrow to 15F Friday…yikes. Hope people bring their plants inside.


That is brutal but normal for the front range. I’m on those maps but not as bad yet. Last yr our coldest night of the winter, 17F, occurred Nov 13, our first freeze of the winter. Looks like Denver will get the same a month earlier this yr.


The Flood Watch continues for

  • A portion of southeastern Massachusetts, including the
    following areas, Barnstable, Bristol, Dukes, Nantucket, and

  • From 8 PM EDT this evening through Friday morning

  • A long duration heavy rainfall event will impact southeast MA
    and the Cape and Islands through Friday. Periods of rain
    today, then bands of heavy rain will move in from the ocean
    tonight and Thursday and persist into Friday. Storm total
    rainfall of 3 to 6 inches is expected through Friday with the
    heaviest rain across Plymouth county and Cape Cod. There is a
    low risk for localized rainfall amounts up to 8 inches.

  • Significant urban and poor drainage flooding is likely.


It’s going to be hard on the trees. Especially since those lows come with snow (maybe 4" in the city, 2-3x that up in the foothills) and the fruit trees are still in full leaf. I plan on doing a lot of limb shaking tomorrow.


You are right outside of Denver? Denver has pretty sweet winter weather. 60Fs or better in DJF… some cold mixed in…some real cold shots at time…subzero… but lots of sun. Property taxes are also super low in Colorado…nice bonus.

Low 70Fs and lots of wind here today…possibly the last 70F reading until next year. Should see some more 60F days for sure before the snow really starts to fly.


Well maybe compared to WI. The difference between WI and Denver is you get cold and stay cold with lots of cloud cover. Denver is like here, 80 one day and teens the next. I’d say Denver is better for most people because there are warm days with sun. But WI is easier on fruit trees. Constant cold is better for fruits than up and down.


Oh yeah for sure. We just get stuck for weeks/months on end of 0F to 40F high temps most winters. Rarely do we get out of the 40Fs and snowcover is usually constant once it gets on the ground. I was just thinking that you could actually open windows up at times during winter and maybe clean a garage or take a bike ride during a mild day. Probably could run a greenhouse pretty easily out there, although those cold blasts might get iffy given they get down to -20F once in awhile.

Not sure who it was, but some dude out there was growing bananas in the mountains in a greenhouse…must have been on another board.

Denver should be back at or above 80F later next week…this is just a detour. Warmth will return…looks warm out there (and here) as we head into later October.


Front has rapidly moved thru Denver… 83F to 41F… pressure rapidly rising… moisture has increased to with the cold blast… brrrrr


GFS model was showing areas near the North Dakota/Canada border getting over 40 inches of snow with this system moving thru the next few days… something to watch.


I’m actually due West of Boulder up in the foothills, roughly 3000’ up in elevation from Denver. But yes, the weather here is a bit easier to take (even up by me) than other areas which are consistently cold and cloudy in the winter. But as fruitnut points out, the fruit rees would prefer a constant cold over the swings to warm sunny and back to winter again; although we humans love it.

That front is thru here now. Went from near 70F and sunny during the day to 30F and freezing drizzle and fog right now. Supposed to get down to 15F or so tonight and tomorrow night. Then back to sunny and 60F+ next week. I’ll see how the fruit rees with leaves handle it.


Mild day here…mid 60Fs…some sprinkles here and there…clouds. Looks like after midnite the cold air comes in and it’s a cold weekend. I’m having doubts about a hard freeze/frost locally…models look too warm…with wind and clouds…should get plenty of mixing. If we make it thru this stretch…growing season should continue on until late October…because more mild air moves in next week and on. Having said all that i still get to move in all my tropicals tonite for the weekend.


Shh… we know it is coming. There is no need to talk about it… :sob:


I really hope i never see -33F in my lifetime. I also hope we get no snow this winter :slight_smile: Cold is nothing to me…it is the snow that i just don’t really like.

North Dakota is going to get hammered…a new glacier going to start forming?


Surprised not to see frost warning - forecast low has dropped to 33 F


Tested a Fuji today, still not ripe. Gonna keep them on the tree if it’s not supposed to drop below 33 F.


Probably no frost here…freeze is looking unlikely… Models don’t seem cold enough. Add in wind/clouds…should be ok. If we get thru Monday…looks mild until late month. Could have a late freeze.


Bad stuff here…

From The Weather Channel Android App:


Light snow showers here this morning, 30 degrees right now. Sounds like maybe up to 3" of snow by tomorrow a.m. At least we’re not getting hit like the Dakotas.