How is your weather?


About a 1/4 of rain here…temp sitting at 42F. Just above freezing the next 3 nights…something to watch. Brought all my plants inside.

Denver dropped to 9F this morning… not sure but that sounds like a record…after 83F just a couple days ago.


That storm has largely past us now. Got maybe 3" of snow and likely an equal amount of water as frost/ice as the storm brought a freezing fog for most of the time it was up here. Min temps last nite were 10F, with it being around 18F most of the day yesterday.Fruit trees were in full leaf still, and sagging quite badly from the combined weight of snow and ice/frost. I knocked off what snow I could yesterday, but the ice wasn’t coming off. The tree leaves sounded like china, hard and brittle when I was removing the snow, very easy to break them off.

Should get back to more typical fall weather now, mid 50’s for highs and around freezing for lows. We will see how the trees take this sudden freeze we had.



Yeah…10F after such warm weather… it will be interesting to see what happens next spring when things get going again. I was reading in Idaho they were going full bore to try to harvest the remaining onions in the ground (maybe taters too?)… Snows weren’t that impressive…i think nws showed the highest was 9 inches somewhere in the mountains.

The record low for Today in Denver is 22F set in 1946…so that record got smashed.

One other thing…a nasty Typhoon is heading towards Tokyo… Japan just got hit a few weeks ago by a powerful Typhoon…this could be the worst hit since the 50’s in Tokyo.


Snow flurries today! They didn’t last long but they were there… many trees have not changed color or dropped leaves yet and my strawberries are mid bloom.

Thinking about moving South or West to get more growing days. Husband likes the Pacific NW. Maybe just one more winter here in the frozen North.


Agreed! These winters are just too long. I’m 46 now, by the time I’m 60 I want to be in a position to get out of here 3 months a year.


I would love to live here but be a snowbird. That would be the dream right there. I hope you’re able to make it happen!


My cousin lives in Rochester. He HATES the winter…with a passion…but has a house/job there. I think he wants to go west. Years ago it was California but now i think its more Arizona or even Texas. I’m thinking he must be about 50 now. The guy travels a lot to get away from Rochester it would seem. My brother and nephew also have homes in Rochester (think they are both south of the city a little now…they move a lot) but all they do is hunt and fish so they love this time of year.

Me… give me a UK type of climate. Mild…some cold, some warm but overall mostly pleasant. Not the humidity we get either…that is what kills summer. Plants love it…i don’t ::slight_smile:


Sounds like you’re familiar with the town. Have you spent much time in Rochester? It’s an interesting place. When I moved her in 1999 it had a small town feel to it. The population has doubled at least since then. Housing costs are rising fast, my home has gone up in value so much that I couldn’t have afforded it if i’d waited a year to buy. The schools are bursting at the seams. There’s still not much to do though, as downtown is all mayo clinic. It is better than it used to be though.

As for hunting and fishing, I could see hunting being great around here if you have a place to go. I see deer and turkey all the time. Fishing, don’t get me started. I grew up in Northern MN past Mille Lacs lake and the fishing here is abysmal comparatively. There are no natural lakes in this county. They’re all man made overfished stocked ponds. There’s Canada geese everywhere but you can’t hunt them. They just make a mess. :slight_smile:

I love having all four seasons but who needs -40 windchills?? Not me!!! I feel the same way that you do, some cold but mostly mild, and less humid would be wonderful.


You people south and east of me 2 - 4 hours complaining about cold and winter bring some humor to my life. Pretty much like my complaining does to someone in Ely or Warroad I imagine.


One of my brothers moved there in the mid 80s…back then you could buy a house pretty cheap. I remember their first house was off 52 near the mall. Since then they’ve jumped around the city… I haven’t looked at prices up there lately, but if it is like here they’ve skyrocketed. We use to do all our school shopping up there (TJmaxx///no clothes tax).

Silver Lake is the goose hotspot…or it was. That place was disgusting.

You can fish the Zumbro River. :slight_smile: I think most people come over to the Mississippi or head north to Brainerd/Rainy or L of the Woods… Mille Lacs is insane because everybody and their brother ice fishes on it.

41F here…windy. Temp hasn’t done much today.


:joy: you really do know the area. My aunt comes up from missouri and likes to shop at tjmaxx for the same reason. :joy:

The more i look around the more i realizing housing is relatively cheap here…ugh

Windy here and cold, light flurries mixed w rain


Growing season will end tonight at 30 degrees with frost and same for tomorrow.



Nothing froze overnite.


An inch or two of snow on the ground and 30 degrees. Windchill in the 20s. Sure looks and feels like winter out there. I’ve seen some pics from NoDak…just crazy. Multiple feet of snow and total whiteout conditions.


34F here with sunshine but not sure how long it will last. Wind is blowing hard still. I need the sun to warm up house…i still haven’tturned on the furnace…


Yes. I moved most most potted plants inside yesterday. It is going to be around freezing temperatures tonight


It is snowing here now.

Late October continues to look very cool/cold out west and very warm out east.



39F all night…stuck under a thick band of clouds. Low 40Fs maybe today. Winds still blowing. Low pressure just slowly moving north of the border… but…t.he pattern through the rest of the month does look mildish… and maybe keeping it wet too – so after today should see better temps.