How is your weather?


Well, we had frost on Sunday morning…a day or three before I thought it would. KY


Ho hum, just another bone dry, warm week. :sunglasses:


Again no frost


We had it on the roof. Temp was 35F. Didn’t see any on the ground though. Late week i’m taking all my plants back out for the weekend. Lots wet and mild.


Rain, beautiful rain…


We still have not had a significant frost here. 14 day forecast still has us above 32 degrees at night.

Incoming Noreaster…1-2 inches of rain…20-30 mph sustained winds with higher gusts (ugh).


The long range seasonal models as of right now keep it warm in the NE/east this winter and cold west …very very subject to change…

A very mid Oct 53F with lots of clouds…should see a nice warm up Fri thru the weekend…mid/upper 60fs. Rain comes back too.

Looks like an impressive Northeaster is going to move up the coast later this week. Should be lots of wind and rain…


I still have peppers growing, nothing else. It was supposed to be about 38 Sat night, but to my dismay it got down to 33.8 up here on the hill. The pepper patch is down the hill, and some got bit pretty bad, not totally fried, but peppers like my habs and 7-pots didn’t fare well. I don’t know if it got below freezing in the patch, but it was close enough. If I’d known it’d get that cold, I would have covered some of them.

Was hoping that we’d get a couple more weeks of above freezing temps so more would ripen, but what can you do. I planted them out in late June, so I can’t be too surprised. Flowers and peppers up here on the hill are still okay, so it was just a matter of a couple degrees.

It’s supposed to be rainy on Wed, 38 tomorrow night and 36 Thu night, so guess I’ll need to pick all of them before that.

I’ve resisted turning on the heat, but Sat and Sun nights it dropped to 60 in the house, so last night I gave in and turned it on a bit.


Rain, rain, glorious rain!!!


Picked the rest of our ripe peppers in our planters on the deck earlier this evening. Didn’t want to chance tonight’s predicted low of 36…it’s very calm and cold out there…might be closer to 33-34 I’m guessing.


I got three super hot pepper varieties (ghost pepper, choc hab and 7-pot) in three cups that are up here on the hill, the cold didn’t hurt them. I was thinking of putting these three plants in a big pot and see if I can grow them indoors.

But, guess I’ll have to pick the others down the hill, there’s 21 plants, so we’ll be making a lot of hot sauce, can some and freeze the rest.


This is a nice cool down for us. I can’t wait!


I picked the full grown peppers but left the plants, they’re still alive and maybe the little peppers will get bigger


No rain, or cool down for us. Could someone tell mother nature “it’s fall”? lol


i have 4 in the greenhouse still going after 4 frosts. almost ripened. leaving them to see how far they will go.


Do you use any sort of heat in your greenhouse? Do you keep anything going over winter?

Stuck at 50F and wind here. Should warm up late week. Still no hard freeze until at least late month.


no. surprising the frosts haven’t killed them in there yet. mines a portable but i leave the frame and remove the cover in the winter. its only held in place with velcro. 10’ by 20’ 7 1/2’ high from amazon. cover has lasted me 3 yrs. so far but uv is taking its toll.


I knew a guy east of here who built a greenhouse using those polycarbonate greenhouse panels. I guess it worked well but even keeping it warm in the winter, he saw very little growth during winter until about mid February…and it was costing him a small fortune.

I have a few LED panels now that i’ve got plants under. They seem to be getting cheaper and better.

There is a dude with a website that grows pineapples inside his house year round and has been fruiting them for years.


i have 2 leds that were meant to grow cannabis. they work great for growing herbs , veggies and starting seedlings . i know of some folks here that tried growing year round but found it way too expensive to heat. the nurseries don’t start their seedlings until late april / early may here.


My GH experience (and that of other GH growers here) is that plants may survive in Dec and Jan if you have enough heat, but there is little to no growth. Plants don’t really start growing again until there are 10+ hours of light per day (artificial or natural).

Then again, the extra lighting can help with the heating too, so perhaps not all bad. But usually I just wait til Feb each year…