How is your weather?


Oh good

We got 1/3" Mon nite - better than nothing


In three days we have accumulated .84" For here, almost an inch of rain in less than a week is a lot of rain!
Fire season is finally done. The air is so sweet again. Some weeks I could look right through the smoke haze at the sun at 10 am without discomfort.


17 days with no rain. had to water most of my plants. most are starting to go dormant but this warm weather is keeping some going.


It’s been quite warm here for Sept, highs in the 80s, with it getting up to 90 this weekend.

We were canning veggies today, which can make it quite warm in our small home, especially with it in the 80s outside. While we’re doing the work on the tomatoes, I notice that man, it seems like the AC has been running nonstop for a couple of hours, and it’s 85° in here!

So, I put my hand on the vent, and just semi cool air is coming out, not cold. I took the vent cover off the indoor exchanger, and the coils are bone dry and not cold, and no water in the condensation tray. It had to be the outdoor unit (compressor) messing up.

So I went outside, and that unit is not running, just the indoor blower. After cutting the power to it, I took the service panel off, and the run/start capacitor looked extremely rusty, and a bit bowed up at the terminals. I had to replace the same part on out on our AC unit back in Texas, and it looked similar. This cap may be the original, which might explain all the rust.

I called a local HVAC guy and asked if had any such caps, and he said no, but referred me to a vendor closeby. So I called him, and they had the part I needed for about $8. So, tomorrow looks like I’ll be headed to town to pick it up. I’m just glad it’s something I can just go and pick up, don’t know if we could stand waiting on ordering one.

While sitting here typing this, it’s still 84 in here, we got all the fans going and the windows open…I may have to go outside tonight and sleep with the pets, at least it’s in the 60s out there!


Looks like the 2 of us go out every day and say…

Water… I gotta’ have water…


There was some last nite in Iowa, but it didn’t make it to I 39


From Sunday late to Thursday early, we’ve accumulated about 1.1" of rain. Summer held on until last week when daytime temps reached only the 60s. Now, with highs of about 44 F it seems abrupt, but I am thankful!


Well, I picked up the start/run capacitor today, it was just $7 at a local wholesaler. Hooked it up and put everything back together, turned the power back on, and voilà, we have AC! Yay! Good thing too, as it was a toasty 88 in the house when I got home. We’ll need it too, as it’s supposed to around 90 for the next 4-5 days. Not too fall-like here, but the leaves are starting to fall tho.


Tons of wind with strong gusts! Hard to close a car door.


We had some drizzle mid-day but only a few hundredths of an inch. Santa-Ana wind conditions are expected the beginning of next week, bringing 85+ degree day time temperatures.


still in upper 70’s low dew points and very dry. cold front next week supposed to bring in some showers. rivers are super low! glad its not june!


One more day of summer, 90s, then rainy for a week ending with highs in the 60s. Fall is just around the corner.


Third day in a row of gusty winds from the sea. Nasty. End of Jose. …still!


His girlfriend is following along.


She will be worse, I’m afraid. The wind was very gusty and felt like Hurricane Sandy.


95F yesterday…beats the record from 1895… 94F today…anther record

Rapid City, SD is stuck in the 40Fs this afternoon …

Leaf color is going to be not so good. Lots of trees have already dropped leaves. My pears trees are almost leafless at this point.

Just looking at the NAEFS. It would appear Russia (Siberia/etc) is loading up with cold air. Early snows there can have major effects on weather come winter (cold source region). Something to watch. I know there has been research done on that in relation to cold in the east? i’d have to dig it up.


Chicago getting a run of record highs, too

And no rain in sight

Pear trees turning very early here too. I’m wondering about the effect on next year’s fruit buds


It’s been a pretty chilly week here NorCal last week. Low to mid 70’s. Looks like the high 80’s to low 90’s are returning for the short term, at least.


Yeah…ridging coming back out west…we’ll finally cool. Our normal highs by this point must be about 70F…we are a solid +25F …we didn’t drop below 70F overnight and the dews are like July. Insane. My AC has been running nonstop for days now.

Highs yesterday

day 8-10…not showing anything i’d call “cool” for this time of year. Some slight ridging out west… still a very mild look. ugh. We’ll just go from summer to winter in a week.


First day of fall already and We are at 90 degrees the last 3 days. Next week the temp is in the 70s.