How is your weather?


got 2.3in. of rain yesterday. way too much for this time of year but no flooding so far.


We are at 4.85" for the month…which is way above normal. The extended does look very dry and very chilly starting next week around here. I would think some teens are in our forecast next week. That’ll kill off everything.


Our first frost is being predicted for tonight.


Calm and clear. 27 degrees when I woke up. Looks wintry next week


Talking a little snow for Halloween - hardly unusual


I remember going out that Halloween back in the 90s when there was snow on the ground. Can’t remember a snowy one since but i’m sure there were. I do remember some really cold ones.

Oct31-Nov 3, 1991

Thick clouds here…although the sun should be out shortly …kept temps “mild” this morning. Tonite should be our first freeze.


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Last night, a PG&E meteorologist said this weekend’s severe wind event could be the strongest California has seen in “years.” Now the company is saying the weather event could be the most powerful in "decades."

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PG&E is now saying approximately 850,000 customers could lose power in the potential PSPS event this weekend starting Saturday.

Using the 3.1 persons per account estimate, that means roughly 2.6 million people could be without power.



Today was suppose to be nice and sunny but clouds from the south have made their way over the area this afternoon…ugh… o h well.

Next week now is looking snowy. Halloween might just end up being sloppy. All that precip should be snow.

Very likely to change, but as of right now…thru Friday… Most of it Thurs.


It’s rain now - headed north


Thanks Luisport. Nobody here seems to understand/care about truly extreme and unusual weather out west. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s an extreme eastern CONUS bias.


Series of winter storms hitting the Denver area. Up by me likely 1-2’ of snow. Right now freezing fog. Going to feel an awful lot like winter here for the next 4 days…



Snow on Tuesday with 24 degrees low. I will blowout the sprinklers today and will put all the potted figs away for Winter. Labor of love!!!



Matthew Cappucci
BREAKING: The #KincadeFire is undergoing rapid expansion right now.

Satellite shows it surging south as strong northeasterly offshore winds and desert-like low humidities scream into the region.

Santa Rosa north of Highway 12/west of 101 is evacuating.


We have friends in Monte Rio and are under a mandatory evacuation. This thing could burn to the coast if these winds persist.


NWS Bay Area :heavy_check_mark: @NWSBayArea

A couple of fires (darker areas) starting to show up on GOES-17 in Contra Costa County. #CAwx #CAFire


Snow still on for mid/late week… Road salt season will begin early this year.


Looks like there’s another large fire flaring up south of Clayton as well. Evacuations going up for parts of Morgan territory.


New fire in the bay area at Glen Cove