How is your weather?


Fire on both sides of the I-80 Carquinez bridge in Vallejo


Crazy! Some large refineries are pretty close to that area.


Major fire breaks out at Carquinez Bridge in Vallejo; Interstate 80 closed
People in cars trapped on I-80 in Vallejo, at Carquinez Bridge, fires at both ends of bridge


Entire town of Crockett CA ordered to evacuate!


Statewide emergency declared for the state of California. PG&E is shutting down more power. Record outage to be set again there.

(Update 83, 12:16 am)#KincadeFire Fire is well established in Foothill Regional Park and will impact homes in 30 to 60 minutes. IF YOU HAVE NOT EVACUATED DO SO IMMIDEATELY


Goes loop shows the winds a lot better…pretty strong NE breeze blowing the smoke out over the Pacific. No rain in the SFO (San Fran) forecast through the next 2 weeks, but wind should let up. Temps stay mild (Avg>?) through the run.


It’s crazy here. Fires are literally breaking out everywhere. 90+mph winds on the peaks. If you can find an online stream of NBC Bayarea it’s wild.


i dont envy you CA folks! ill take the cold and snow over fires and earthquakes anytime!


This next week looks and is going to feel like winter. LUckily the models seem to be trending south some with the storm…so hopefully not too much here.


I hear you. It can be both a beautiful, and a challenging climate to live. When it’s sunny and comfortable, it’s paradise.


# GettyFire (Los Angeles) - Evacuations underway on N Kenter Ave w/ evacuee traffic backing up that on street, requesting traffic control @ Sunset Blvd/Kenter. Looks like fire in & around many structures on the live footage.


PG&E is warning of yet another “strong and widespread wind event” to sweep through the Bay Area Tuesday into midday Wednesday.


Mid/late week storm looks south and east of the area. Models have continued to show this trend so starting to think this area is out of it for now. Areas of Kansas/MO/Iowa into S wi look to get snow, but who knows how much. Further south i could see mixing issues and warm ground temps playing in.

Just cold here this morning. Brr… Temp has actually been going DOWN this morning with NW winds. Should see some light snow tonite…roads could be slick in the morning? hopefully not. Looks like we’ve taken the next step towards winter…extended temps all are stuck in the 40Fs…

I’m stilling picking spearmint. I have to harvest the rest of it soon. I haven’t covered it yet. I have a bunch of strawberry plants in pots i need to do something with too… Might let them get some chill hours and then put them under grow lights…not sure yet.


So crazy! We just desperately need the rainy season to get underway.


our summers and falls are like that. once winter sets in though it can get wicked brutal w/ temps sometimes dropping to -40f here. 10yrs. ago we set a new state record low of -50f!


Now were talking!!!


Holy crap! :open_mouth:


I forget…do you have a wood stove? I was at the park with the kids today and could smell someone had a fire going. Love that smell this time of year. When i use to jog in the winter, that was always one smell you could count on every night out.

It’s 43F here today but with the sunshine, it is actually pretty nice out there. These type of days are great. Wish winter had more of them. Perfect hiking weather.


Geez, last week we were in the mid 90’s and night-time temperatures were in the 70s. Today is mid-70’s with night-time temperatures forecast to be in the high 40’s! I’m within 10 miles of the coast, we do not normally get temperatures that dip into the low 50’s until well into the winter, not to say high 40’s!

Plus all the crazy fires up north of me. Here in SD we’ve been luckier with only a handful of small fires.


no. i wish. maybe someday i will again. fuel oil gets expensive.