How is your weather?


got 2in. of rain last night. rivers are at spring melt levels. 3 days ago we got 2in. also. today is windy and quickly cooling down as a cold front moves thru. gusts to 60mph predicted. weekend looks like more average temps of low 40’s during the day.


Not many kids trick n treat in the neighborhood last night. But the mall was crowded by trick n treat kids


no malls here so they had to earn it the old fashioned way. :wink:


I think we topped 4" yesterday…


Here we go 42.6° difference in ONE day. Anyone care to top that? lol


totals of rain for yesterday were 4.28in. ! we’ve had over 6in. in the last week. that doesn’t seem a lot to you folks living down south but we never get that much water in such a short time. here. besides the flooding the wind has tore of siding/ shingles and broke trees all over the place.


Besides the heavy snow, I can’t believe it’s down to19 in November😱.


We had sustained winds of 20-30 MPH with much higher gusts all night last night. It was crazy out there!


they recorded a gust to 62mph last night at frenchville airport. castile had one to 74mph yesterday.


We had a decent snow shower earlier but nothing stuck. More clouds today. Should “warm” a little into the upper 40F the next 48 hours…then cold next week.

Mid November shows a very cold shot…that is out there still but low single digits on the GFS. That would be near record i would imagine.


Maybe my habaneros do have a shot at a couple more weeks of growth :sunglasses::hot_pepper::hot_pepper:


Both San Fran and LAX have not a drop of precip thru Nov 18th on the GFS. Looks like the dry warm trend continues …NAEFS even has record heat for North Cali mid Nov… Probably going to be a very warm November.


Yep. It’s been back to drought like conditions this fall, after a pretty moist winter last year. Feels like summer never left.


Yep, we’re starting our 3rd day w/out power. Appreciating the generator and wood stove!


Sorry to hear you are without power. We were without power last November for 7 days. It was not pretty.


Power was restored about 11:30 am this morning (Sunday). It was a minor inconvenience, we heat for the most part with wood anyway and we have a generator to run all that we need. Pales in comparison to what people suffered along the West Canada Creek here. Multiple bridges washed out, homes flooded including a retirement community, and even a couple camps washed down river. One of the local convenience stores was flooded and I can’t imagine what will have to be done to get their underground gas tanks up and running again.


I complained when we lost power for about half a day.i thought that was annoying. I hear you on a generator…i have one too just in case. If anything i can keep the freezer/food cold and the water running.

We are heading into some winter weather here this week after today/tomrrow… Lots of teens for lows in the extended…probably some snow Weds.

Still lots of leaves on the trees around here. I saw one good sized tree this morning that the leaves were still totally green. I’m guessing those will just freeze off.

Heading into mid and later November… the real cold (vs norms) moves into the northeast…while California /…desert southwest cooks…Nice time to go out to Phoenix/Vegas/etc…


I was thinking I might be able to till the leaves into the vegetable garden next week, if the dry prediction held out. Then I looked at the temps. Ground gonna be froze


Ground here is already starting to freeze up some. It was 26F this morning when i was in the car. It did warm a little this afternoon. Lots of sun today finally but the wind felt frigid. Should freeze up really good late this week…

Looks like the heavy snow stays south of the area again…


South of YOUR area!