How is your weather?


I’ll probably get like 50 inches of snow in April :slight_smile:


We recently went from 94 to 39 in 15 hrs. Also set an all time low for Oct by 8F. 16F vs 24F.

We have chinook winds but not like the Dakotas and Montana:

The largest recorded temperature change in one place over a 24-hour period occurred on January 15, 1972 in Loma, Montana, when the temperature rose from −54 to 49 °F (−47.8 to 9.4 °C). The most dramatic temperature changes occur in North American climates susceptible to Chinook winds.

Spearfish holds the world record for the fastest recorded temperature change . On January 22, 1943, at about 7:30 a.m. … The 49 °F or 27 °C rise in two minutes set a world record that still holds.


We watched “No Country For Old Men” the other day… I thought of you because one of the characters in that movie talks about Alpine, TX. Good movie.

3 to 5 inches of snow here…roads are a mess. A lot more fell then the model showed…ugh. I wonder if it melts or do we keep this until spring.
The chinook are amazing. I’ve always had this idea to drive out to Rapid City, SD (dead west of here about 600miles) during one of those really good ones in winter…where they can go into the 70Fs… while it’s like 10F here… Usually you get a good chinook when a cold front goes through south Florida… its just an observation i’ve seen many times of the years…if it’s cold in Miami…start watching for downsloping winds off the Black Hills.


That’s pretty crazy right there, But then again we are talking about bipolar Texas climate lol
Those are impressive numbers. Our wild swings are mainly due to an extreme inversion layer with our single digit humidity. In the valleys here it was in the 30’s and 600’ elevation gain it was 62°.


Down to 14F this morning… snow cover really helped the temps drop out. Sunshine today… Little warmup for the weekend and back down we go… highs next week only around 20F for Mon/Tues…that is colder then our normal lows.


In the south of France it is rainy season. This period of rain on and off will take place through Nov. Then, in Dec. or Jan. There will be a few sprinkles of snow, but we have wind! Not the mistral thank goodness. That wind could easily blow the roof off of your house! We will then get a few days of sprinklings of snow in either Dec. or Jan. Probably end of Dec. from what I have heard. Last year it was 68F on Xmas day. Snow for atmosphere is just fine with me after too many years of the whole mess! I like the idea that there are four seasons here without extreme winter. We are only four hours or so from the French and Swiss alps. Go there is you want snow!

There is a gas fireplace here which is the only source of heat for the entire two story house. Most houses are four stories and involve far more complicated heating systems. I just miss the fragrance of the fire but not the mess.

Cozy in Uzès !


‘Sweet Moose!’


Rochester, MN was 1F this morning…they already are down to 6F … Could be heading for subzero reading … Areas of central WI should fall 0F to -10F overnight…records should be broken.



Looks like we went to 9F here… Sparta just to the east dropped to -3F… and Black River Falls (ne of here) dropped to -8F. Man… some ugly cold air for this time of year.


23f for a high today. with windchill near 0f. tonights windchill is going to go -0f! even cold for us for early nov.


I felt we were having a nice cold snap. I guess the guys posting before me would consider this a heat wave!!!


It’s looking kinda like a polar vortex pattern setting up


Yeah, out west we don’t consider that a heatwave :slight_smile::sunglasses:


Get use to that weather…looks stuck right thru the rest of the month.

Over here we are in the pool of cold…a winter pattern for sure. Coldest temps were around the lakes this morning…should shift east for tomorrow morning.

Key West was a chilly 80F for a low temp…


I know. What’s funny is even though it’s absolutely stunning weather, we want/need the rain. But the ridge is very strong (and stationary).


It would appear we head towards more average type temps as we get into late month here… not sure how warm but this cold spell should be done by late next week…following week should be quite mild …
…the real cold will be found in Siberia… …

Some snow melt today…temps in the low 40Fs.


Cold in Des Moines.


Siberia is where it belongs


13F right now…bitter cold all day…had mix of sun and clouds…very light dusting of snow…didn’t add up to anything. Cold night on tap.