How is your weather?



hmmm…latest models looking warmer…leaning towards mostly rain… a lot of it too…so weird. This wet pattern continues.


GFS is even wetter now with the system…now its nearing an inch and a half…it did very well with the last heavy rain. I still think its almost all liquid around here…but these things are iffy this time of year…one thing is we have no snowcover…which should help keep temps up a little…

And then storm #2 is late week/weekend…that looks all rain and a lot of it …an all day washout Friday/Sat ? Going to end up being a very wet November.

Clouds again today…clouds yesterday…we’ve had like 1 full sunny day in the last 2 weeks.


Sounds like a good shot of 5"+ of snow tomorrow night and then another 6-12" Friday through Sunday. Yippee. Better get the snowplow on the F250


Yeah…it looks like this area is right on the line… The GFS takes the low from about S of Des Moines to about Green Bay… .usually in this area you want a low to go thru about Chicago for heavy snow…But Minneapolis could be in for some fun…

Who knows what happens…this pretty much is similar to what the GFS shows…


I’m hoping those ^^^models are correct. Most of the snow tracks south and east of me


just got another 6’’ last night. snowmobilers are out and about. some sled clubs are already grooming the trails. looks like the storm you guys are getting is going to hit us mid week. i already had to shovel 2ft. off my roof. can’t say i ever remember doing that before thanksgiving.


That sounds nightmarish. Winter there is worse than winter here.


1 to 2 feet of snow is forecast for us (front range foothills) over the next 36 hours. Should be an “interesting” storm.


Somewhere like Redwing might be a good spot for heavy snow and then east across central./northl WI… I’m still not sure about here…going to really depend on temps i think…for sure it looks to mix in with rain but maybe as the low scoots by to the east we’ll turn to all snow. Going to be a mess for sure. Fun for the gun deer hunters later this week.

49F right now…maybe have hit 50F between obs…gorgeous afternoon.


like I’ve said before . it seems our winters are getting longer , snowier and colder. even the old timers notice the difference. our summers have been about average.


Winters are colder and snowier here also, but I’m sure your location has always been snowier than here. Last summer was quite cool. Barely enough hot days to get the tomatoes to ripen


I filled the snowblower gas tank all the way to the top yesterday and made sure it ran. If it doesn’t snow all winter in E-C Iowa, you are welcome. Lol.


I’ve no doubt those strong gusts are going to knock down a lot of power poles (and obviously trees). Some prolonged power outages could be coming… That means water lift stations and drainage/sewage pumps…


the local news man reported we have the 9th snowiest novermber on record and we aren’t even done the month. last november was the 8th at 29.8in. avg. is 7.9in. we avg. 120in. of snow a year here.


Ya, way more snow there. We average right around 45" annually. We’re a long ways from any big bodies of water, so there’s no lake or ocean effect snow. If you get up along the MN side of Lake Superior they get around 75-80" I think. I’d imagine the UP of MI gets quite a bit more than northeast MN.


The snowiest part of Wisconsin is Hurley…that sits just south of Lake Superior… avg 167 inches…which is insane…we avg low 40 inches here … in 96/97 Hurley had over 300 inches.

This storm i’m saying 2 to 4 inches locally…

Sierra Nevada in California will be measuring snow in feet with the storms out there.


we broke our record in the winter of 07’-08’ at 200’’ and we’ve been getting above average snowfalls ever since. before that we were getting below average snow and much warmer winters. one year we got our 1st. snow 3 days before x mas.


It’s the cosmic rays, man.


It’s starting!