How is your weather?


Oh my. That’s looks brutal. :astonished:


Yes it is! Very very dangerous!



Sitting at 41F with sunshine… This is going to be a sloppy mess around here. Still think snowfall totals aren’t going to be impressive until you get north of this area. Newest model runs still show mostly rain here in the river valley. Between now and Sat we could be looking at over 2 inches of liquid …lot of rain for this time of year.

The storm late week/weekend looks warmer so should be mainly a liquid system.


1st week of December looks very chilly in the west…some record cold i would imagine by the looks of the naefs…



As a comparison…here in 5A Central Maine…we have bare ground. Yesterday was 50 degrees & today in low 40s…I’m going to fin finish up wrapping tree trunks because next week looks like true winter.


Ice is the name of the game where I am now. I remember my childhood was filled with the white stuff…now ice is an unfortunate reality through the entire winter…definitely more precipitation of all kinds in recent winters. Winter comes earlier and stays later…but its up and down temp wise.


That’s quite a variance in a relatively small (acre wise) state.


About 350 miles from South to North though…and of course the ocean influence accounting for the biggest variance.


About an inch of snow/slop here…winds blowing about 40mph…there is one band of snow that might clip us in a few hours…not sure… About .70 of liquid precip… so gfs was a little too wet with this one…


Maine goes from growing z 3a up here to z 6a on the southern coast. a forester friend says that along the st. john river near me, there is a micro climate of z2b on the U.S side of the river. thats about 500 yards. down hill from here.


Mt Washington in New Hampshire has some crazy weather at 6200 ft… They can have amazing winds at that elevation…over 200mph…

Just today locally we had 1.5 inches at the airport while the NWS (maybe a few miles as a bird flies) had near 5 inches…just due to the 500ft elevation difference. Central WI is much colder and areas near Milwaukee dropping below 0F isn’t nearly as common as other parts of the state (due to L Mich).


Do you ever wish you lived close to the ocean? I’d rather have Des Moines climate…a lot less snow and they tap spring warmth a lot better then we do.


We’re getting pounded with rain in SE AZ. We’ve got it coming from the South & the West!


land is insanely expensive down there. and the tourist from MA, CT, AND NY would drive me nuts! id rather deal with the cold and snow. :wink:


Ferocious wind all day, but it’s died down now. No major tree damage with this one.


6-17" on the way the weather guessers say. 6" ain’t bad. 17" would effectively make us homebound for a few days.


lol… yeah waterfront here is very highly priced (a lot of houses on the river)…

snow overnight…just enough to cover the ground a little. Saying another 1/2 to 2 inches locally… a lot more across N Wisconsin.

Man the cloudiness is getting old… just days and days of clouds. Keeps the nights mild but that is about it.


this time of year i welcome cloudiness. when its clear its brutally cold and usually windy.