How is your weather?


2017 Equilux by latitude:



94F today…another record. Brutal. Went bike riding and not fun.


I posted the chart of Equilux dates as a reminder that many plants determine Fall and Spring by day/night period (equilux) and not the solar crossing of the celestial equator (equinox).


We got a little rain in the last week - 0.80 inches. Temperatures 90 degrees or better 5 days in the last week. Like for Rob - our dewpoints are in the July range. It looks like some relief is in the forecast for temps, but not much in the way of rain. I don’t like the idea of going into the winter with dry soil…


It got to about 89 here today, which in July or August would be brutal. But, today it wasn’t too bad, just seems to be a lot less humid than those months. I got out there about 11am to weed the strawberry patch, and it was warm, but not too bad. I took a couple of breaks there before I moved on to weeding and mulching the back orchard. I got 5 apples and 2 peaches done. Fortunately, the sun was behind the hill/tree line to be much of a bother. I called it a day about 7pm. I’m happy I got that much done today, but I still have 6 more apple and the 5 pear trees to weed/mulch.

It’s supposed to be on the high 80’s thru Wed, and then drop into more seasonable temps.

@warmwxrules, did y’all get any of that big hail yesterday, I noticed some areas in Wisky got some 2" hailstones.


That would be a major storm here! :slight_smile:


First significant precip in more than a month. Got about 0.66" so far and probably will be up to 1" or more by the time this is over. Cold, foggy, and rain on and off. A nice change from the hot and dry we’ve had for a long time. Probably will need to build the first fire of the season tonight, although the snow level probably won’t touch us (forecast to be about 9k-10k’).


90Fs again today. My God. This is crazy stuff. Large mature trees around me have no leaves. None. Completely bare. I started watering my trees…this after one of the wettest springs/early summers on record. Weird stuff going on. Also …no clouds to speak of lately. Just nonstop blue skies and lots of south wind.

Big temp gradient between east and west. Parts of the Dakotas/NE were in the high 40Fs yesterday.

I wonder if this is a sign of a cold winter.


its like that here. one of the earliest leaf drop i can remember. what saved us is we got about 2in. of rain about 3 weeks ago . nothing since. I’m watering everything every other day now. showers coming thurs. with temps in the 60’s. hit 84f today!


90 degrees for 2 days, but it will change soon.


Didn’t quite hit 90 here today, think the end of the heat is in sight


Been an odd year here similar to other locations mentioned. Early leaf drops, wet summer , dry hot fall so far. It will start raining anytime now. Overall it was a good year but not in any of the ways I thought it would be. The pear and apple crop was not as good as normal. Thankfully other crops were very good. The strange weather continues as if it’s being influenced by some unknown force. The topic I created on the weather and the fears I had on blooms and fruit was far from just a local problem Strange weather - Will it get our blooms and fruit?


93F yesterday…beat the record by 1F from 1891 … records go back to 1870s up here.

Looks like it finally ends today…showing 87F this afternoon. The GFS has been hinting for some time of another warm blast that first week of October…maybe another run into the 80Fs. Shortening…quickly now…days should really limit extreme temps.


They’ve had flood watches here for two days and the local weather station predicted 4 inches total Sunday and today. You guessed it nothing but sunshine.

They often seem to predict storm totals here that would be monthly records much less daily.


Clear skies this morning for the first time in days. :slight_smile:


we broke a few rec. highs here too in the last week. usually in mid 50’s, been in mid 80’s. very dry. my raspberries sizes have doubled since i started watering last week.


Pouring right now. First thunder/lightning in some time. Looks like we reached 86F…but the dew point was 66F so it felt a little greasy.

My black raspberries look pretty bad (long since being harvested)…i probably should have watered them some. I did hit the grapevines. My Seckel and Bartletts have dropped most of their leaves. i gave them a good watering. Hopefully they’ll be ok. The Seckel got robbed by the squirrels…but didn’t have much fruit to begin with (after some huge years in the past).


Hotter again today

Despite regular watering during the hot/dry week, I see today that the fall vegetables have finally given up. The brassicas, with heads only about a week from harvesting size, are wilting. The peas that had been starting a 2nd flush are turning yellow.

I picked some late tomatoes, threw a bunch of the scarred ones on the ground for the thirsty varmints, letting them have the last zukes, too, if they stay away from the netted butternuts.

Final melons finally ripening in the hot, just in time for it to turn too cool for melons

FIgure I’ll just leave stuff in the ground for now, won’t be doing more planting until spring.


Thick fog rolling in.


Just the same old, same old. Nothing but clear blue skies, and warm temps. What are clouds again? lol