How is your weather?


No it’s 45 and dreary looking. I’d rather see sunshine.


I just want some more light for house plants and to warm it up some…



So November has had 25 (today is raining/all clouds) out of 30 days of clouds/pt clouds…but even the pt clouds were mostly clouds… So yeah…not a good time of the year for a solar panel or sun tanning :sunny:

Overall been a cold month too…-4F below norms…hasn’t seem like it. Precip running above of course. Looking ahead for Dec…still not showing any real cold weather…more of the same (30Fs)…


I used to live in Bar Harbor. They have a saying: “Summer people: some are people.” The population of the town is just a few thousand, but millions and millions visit over the course of the summer.


♫ It’s the most crappiest time of the year.
With the wind and the snow
and the blowing and blowing
and trees falling down! ♫ LOL!


It’s like the apocalypse…end of the world weather patter…all we need is Yellowstone to erupt… its mild but man the clouds/rain have been nonstop this month. Spitting snow this morning but pretty much no snowcover. …just wet. I still have some apple trees that are clinging to most of their leaves…

The good? thing is there is no cold air anywhere to be seen in the next 2 weeks…


Just got in from plowing/shoveling/snow blowing. We had to get all of 12". I’m guessing closer to 14". Pretty nice drifts in spots. With no temps above 30 and plenty of nights in the low teens/single digits…the snow won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.


its been a very active pattern here as well but at least the clouds clear for a day every 3-4 days but its now sunny in the teens with a -0f whidchill. more snow midweek.


Alarms went off where I was in Madison County, Kentucky yesterday. Flash Flood warnings.

So, it’s a struggle here in zone 6 to get much done. Ground isn’t frozen, so the flurries tonight or tomorrow won’t stick. (That’s good.) Actually had sunshine this morning…that was delightful to see. 58 when I got up…now around 50 on way to 32 tonight.


Been an interesting T’day week here weather-wise. We got 26" of snow out that storm Mon-Wed. Then it turned cold (~0F), then high winds (70-90mph). Good weather to stay inside. The wind gave us the chance to shovel the same storm’s snow from the walks and drive a couple of times, great fun (but probably a good way to work off T’day dinner and leftovers).

Back to a more normal pattern for us for the next few days, clear and sunny with highs in the upper 30’s to low 40’s. Should melt things off the roads before the next round of snow.


Snow just started a few minutes ago here, already sticking. Managed to get the last of the leaf shredding and bed mulching done. I had hoped to plant the shallots that I hadn’t gotten to yet, but ground was frozen. They should keep till spring, fortunately.


Yeah…sunshine here tomorrow finally. This evening i could see the clouds are breaking up some already…maybe see the stars later. Snow this afternoon but it just didn’t add up to anything… a layer of ice crust maybe. I would take a nice dry boring December… with a lot more sun.



From The Weather Channel Android App:


glad we are only getting clipped by that . only 5-8in. here which is business as usual for n. Maine.


Lucky. That thing looks nasty. I wondered if Alan is under watches?


We had 10-12" overnight. Depending on the source, they’re expecting an additional 4-6" or 6-12" tonight. I’ll be glad when I can be done with shoveling out and just enjoy the scenery.


probably. my brothers in CT. and he said everythings closed there. when i was a kid, it took 2ft. of snow before they would close school . they didn’t have to worry about getting sued back then. i remember us helping the bus driver put on chains in a blizzard. thats when men were men! :wink:


Cool morning …21F …but clear sunshine all day… 34F now… Looking forward to a week of this.


MN has a nice snowcovered look this afternoon on MODIS…Hasn’t really been cold so all the lakes/rivers are still open… I didn’t see any ice on the river this afternoon locally.


-2 here this morning and about 14" of snow on the ground. People have been icefishing for a couple weeks (I wouldn’t, but people do)