How is your weather?


Another 7-8" shoveled today with more on the way. The city plows were kind enough to add what they missed yesterday to the end of my driveway.


In the 50’s.


Below zero temps for highs next week. Yippee


Just looking at 12z GFS…ughhhhhhhhhh… Looks WAY colder now…yikes. It would appear mildness hangs until next Monday and then the bottom drops out… Has single digits highs, teens below 0F…all before Christmas…hmmm With no snowcover this will allow the ground to freeze deep…so hopefully we get a few inches of insulating snows…


Don’t know how you folks up north deal with it…I moved south 30 years ago and if I ever want to get a taste of winter all I need to do is get on a plane…we’ll be in the mountains out in Colorado over Christmas, so I’m sure I’ll get my fill…

meanwhile, in NE Florida we’ve had a cold snap, upper 30’s last night, further inland I believe they had a freeze…we have another day or two then it’s supposed to get back to the low 60’s and 70’s…haven’t seen any rain in over 2 weeks though…


I think i’d take the arctic cold with sunshine over the last month of clouds and rain off and on.

Yum… days 8-14…


We got a wind blown 8ish inches on Tuesday…arctic cold coming on Saturday (predicted low near zero) then mild rain coming Mon/Tues with highs reaching into 50s on Tues.


mid 40’s up here with almost a in. of rain tues. going to make a mess as all the culverts and drains are plugged with snow/ice!


Here they seem to take delight in plowing ice walls you gotta go fix it before everything gets hard frozen in a hour or two. While i love shoveling my driveway as i feel like im saving on watering all summer when i do it, the road is full of salt and i detest shoveling it. I just make inroads to the driveway and keep the 4’ snow bunker from the sidewalk as is.


-18 the forecast low for Tuesday night. Doggone cold for early December


We were sub-zero last night, just by a hair… -0.4F. Made for a pretty morning:


Crazy rainstorm heading our way this afternoon and tonight. Currently 36 with a predicted low of 49 tonight.


i hate rain this time of year.


Me too. Looks like we are in for some too.


State of NH issued a warning on Friday encouraging folks to clear snow off the roof, so as to avoid combined weight of 18"+ of snow and 1-1.5" of rain. We cleared what we could. I’m curious how much snow we’ll have left tomorrow.


Raining here…but a heavy band of snow looks to quickly move thru in the next few hours. No snow on the ground here so it should whiten it back up.

Very cold Tues/Weds (around 10F for high temps)…warms right back to freezing Thurs-Sat…then it drops again Sun thru the following Tues with another Arctic blast… Probably going to see warm air advection -precip (snow) as the warm air climbs over the cold air late week…

I took all my plants outside all day yesterday…mid 40Fs and sun so i sprayed them all good with the hose… already was seeing mites on the leaves…


Ho hum. Just a typical rainy, chilly December.


50’s-60’s beginning of December. All of this is new to me on a year round basis, so I must say I do not miss the snow, or shovelers!e


-8 for a high tomorrow. WIndchills at -30 or lower. This global warming is getting out of control :crazy_face:


Fairbanks, Alaska had its warmest December day in recorded history yesterday.