How is your weather?


We are forecast to break our high record here today. It will be high in 60’s tomorrow though. Flu weather…


mid 40’s and raining. going to get cold again tomorrow but warming back into the upper 30’s with freezing rain mixed with snow over the weekend. what a yoyo weather pattern !


10 day forecast has one high of 21. All the rest in the teens or single digits. Consistent single digit to below zero lows.




Rain yesterday and 0F right now… may have dropped below that so could be first subzero reading. Just enough snow on the ground to keep everything covered.


rain and warm temps. really putting a hurting on the snowpack. going to be a sheet of ice by tomorrow.


That sucks. When I lived up north the iced roads were the worst thing that could happen. Usually the only reason I ever stayed home from work. Just to dangerous even with 4 wheel drive.


I guess today was the first sub zero reading in the Twin Cities. We had below zero temps here 6 weeks ago.


thats supposed to hit us tomorrow and weds. -10f for tom. night. we have 12in. of good blue ice on all but the biggest lakes . going to get some ice fishing done sat.


Snow flurries in Kentucky today…but they didn’t stick.

20’s tonight…(59 just after midnight this morning)

Not too bad actually, but a little below normal for this time of the year.


This shows 2F for us…but we dropped a few degrees lower… Key West 78F this morning? what? We dont’ get that in July… -30Fs across Ontario the last 2 mornings…plenty of cold to tap.

Everything froze up here…could hardly open the car doors today because of the rain yesterday. Side roads were never touched so they are a mess too…but should clear once we warm up here late week. One more cold night…sitting at 7F now…


-15 right now. Probably headed to -20 or lower unless some clouds move in. Awfully early for -20


At 20 (not minus 20) for me this morning. Second coldest night so far this fall.


Another 50 degree day with an inch of rain coming on Saturday. No snow here. Long range looks pretty quiet with average temps.


…and it’s not even winter yet


Saturday night for you…ouch!


i feel your pain.




got our first good soaking in a few weeks…


This is more like it…

Clouds the last few days…a little snow…maybe 2 inches on the ground now…should be cold for a few and then mild again late next week…