How is your weather?


Some brutally cold air across N MN this morning…-29F in one spot… -1F here… Nice and sunny this morning/afternoon… temp up to 13F…

Pattern does look dry with a nice warming trend ahead. Hopefully we can keep some of the sun… mid 60Fs all this next week (with sunshine) in Phoenix…what a nice time of the year in the desert…


my sons stationed in Yuma. he loves the winters there. half of western Canada snowbirds there. the desert is full of RV towns this time of year.


There is a Canadian Youtuber that spends most of the winter camping across BLM land in a small camper…amazing how beautiful it is (i think he has been filming for 3 years but doing it longer). Only source of power is solar panels so the desert southwest is perfect.

I think i would prefer the desert to the tropics…cool/cold mornings followed but bright blue mild days… You would have to flee by late April early May back north.

Clouding up fast here…snow down around ST Louis…


i went and visited him 2 springs ago. Yumas pretty barren but you get up in the foothills its nice. there are a few small lakes along the colorado river that have camp sites. we barbecued there one evening and listen to the coyotes yipping in the night. love the air out there.


Rain here in west Tennessee right now. Pattern of rain when a cold front comes thru then slowly becoming warmer for a few days then rain again when another cold front happens and it continues that pattern…


No temps above 30 in the 10 day forecast. At least there aren’t many double digit below zero lows


teens and very windy here. -0f windchills the next 3 days. seems we are moving into a drier pattern will very little snow in the forecast.


Cooling Wednesday. First 30’s of the year. Some badly needed rain too…


Your Wed. the 18th looks to be about our best in the 10day here in KY. So, don’t feel bad if you have to cover up the tomatoes.


Could possibly be our coldest night of the winter coming up. Currently sitting at 35° at 9:45PM. Yikes! Our normal winter low is about 28°. Really hoping for some clouds to roll in overnight. Thank good the frost blankets/Christmas lights went on a few days ago.:snowman::snowman:

Edit: And just as I wished for, at 1:00am the clouds came it and kept a floor on the temps. We bottomed out at 32° and rose from there.


As it turns out most of December has been in the 50’s-60’s all month so far. I really don’t think winter arrives until January. Winter so far only means it gets darker sooner, lots of rain and it is overcast. No serious wind to speak of. . . Yet.

I am deciding on my fruit tree potted garden. Two apricot trees and one lemon for sure!


No plums?


Local article saying Wisconsin had its wettest year ever… Doesn’t surprise me.

Clouds today again…but mild…should head back or above 40F by the weekend. Looks like a mild/boring stretch of weather…hopefully the sun can come out at some point.


One mirabelle!


Where are you located?


Uzès, France


Very nice! Just looked it up online and looks like a stunning old European city. I have to say there’s a wee bit of jealousy lol

And the climate sounds very similar to here in Northern California. Our “winter” daytime averages are upper 50’s to low 60’s. You may find the coldest days are pretty close to the winter solstice, and you may not find it gets much colder then now.


I hope you’re right. As soon as the sun appears it is warm. High sixties last week!


Here’s a fun comparison of your climate vs. NorCal. I’m sure lemons will do fine!ès-and-Livermore


Very interesting, good news all around! Thanks so much.