How is your weather?


Drove to southcentral WI today. Somewhere on I94 right around New Lisbon the snow pretty much disappeared. Down here in Dane County it was darn near 50 today. Barely any ice on sloughs/potholes.


Yeah the snow is basically gone here. We took a walk thru the park…even the Mississippi River is wide open again… You could have taken a boat out there.

The bigger story is this weekend. The GFS is now showing 2 inches of rain here Sat/Sun…omg… late Dec flood storm? I hope the ground is thawed enough to take this precip. Just a perfect way to end a soggy wet year.


Wunderground has my location at home getting nearly 10" of snow Saturday/Sunday.

The WI River around Portage isn’t wide open, but a few more days with temps like they’ve had down here and it probably will be. It’s almost a different world this far south.


I drove through Portage in 1994, and bought some bee supplies at a place called Lapp’s.
Nice countryside in October.


Phoenix, Az and Milwaukee, WI… same high temp today :slight_smile:


Patchy snow left here. Sunny and 30 today. Mixed mess headed for us tonight and tomorrow. 40 predicted on Saturday…plan on getting out in the apple orchard to start pruning.


Forecast now calling for 8-16" Saturday/Sunday.


48F and raining right now in Phoenix… Some ugly weather in the desert southwest the past few days.

Should get to about 40F here…sun has broken out so that helps.

2 chunks of precip…the 1st chunk is mid/late Sat is all rain and pretty heavy… the 2nd chunk now looks like its learning towards more snow locally…something to watch. Maybe 1 to 3 inches…

Sunday could hit 50F.


Got up this morn to find the temp at 55. That’s just wrong!


My temperature is 59 and it rained 2" over night. Just east of Memphis.


Poppies and Pansies planted this weekend. December? Who knows?


Inch of rain… Temp just jumped to 51F here… Not as wet as i thought but still more then we need.


It’s 38F in Phoenix as a i type… Looks like Des Moines is already cooling off though…so cooler air should work in pretty quick from west to east…


That storm is headed our way Mon. night/Tues…calling for up to 6 inches of snow mixed with rain. Above average temps through the next weekend.


I was outside…it feels like spring out there. Amazing for the time of year. Probably be -25F in 2 weeks.


Snow all afternoon but really didn’t do much other then cover the grass…maybe an inch so far… there is some lake effect to the north (coming off L Superior)…but those bands have a hard time making it this far south…but who knows.

GFS wants to drop some Arctic air mid month…guess we’ll see.


We have about 3-4 inches of snow with the rest of the afternoon to go. Southwestern Maine and Central NH were slammed with well over a foot of the white stuff in many locations.

The rest of the week looks above average temp wise with rain coming on Fri/Sat.


we aren’t supposed to get much up here either. maybe a in. so far.


High 30s, cloudy and windy today, quite a contrast to the 60s and dry weather over the last week. We got maybe 2-3in of rain Sunday and Monday, so the ground is quite squishy underfoot.

Took advantage of the good weather to lay down some gravel, clean out a fence row and get the oil changed in the truck.

Looks like we’re locked into a colder and wetter pattern over the next week.


Very nice here right now. A bit of rain on the forecast too when it’s usually very dry in January. I’ll take it!!