How is your weather?


ey ya’ll! Last day in Florida vacation with my kids. Supposed to be 80 today before going back home to woodstove fills 2x a day, snow, cold, well damn. 80 is hot for sure but the doldrums of a prolonged northern winter (since Halloween is tough.

Found a pear looking bush(you southern folks what is it?) around the house we rented on my run today. Keeping the weight off!


Meyers lemon is a possibility on the Florida tree fruit. Navel orange not out of the question.


Weather in the south of France is not bad. After living in the Northeast most of my life, our weather here is mild! 50’s with a breeze. Winter has just begun, so I better buy a pair of glove just in case it gets colder!


Nice and complaint here


Yesterday high was 58, next weekend is forecasted to to reach mid sixties… My pluot buds look swollen and I am starting to get worried…


Calling for 40F here… Sunny now…had days of clouds… Winter has really been non existent around here this year… no snow on the ground again… lots of mild days…


Is this our January thaw … yet?


We keep getting these irritating snowstorms…only a few inches but just enough to have to shovel and plow…almost always followed by a day or 2 of colder weather…then back into the next system. Ahh winter…

The good news is that I am ahead of the game on pruning trees thanks to somewhat mild temps and lack of snow depth for this time of the year.


From what I can tell New England is just getting started on snows.

Looking like more rain than snow in midAtlantic and South.


North Florida


We had a flock of robins in a huge old crab tree next to my large veggie garden. The tiny crabs hang in that tree well into winter and they may have been chowing down on those. Such an odd time of year for robins. We had one last year in December, but this was a flock of 30. Maybe it means it is finally going to get seriously cold and they’re heading south.


We had a lot of robins getting those tiny crabs off our tree here in December. It wasn’t too brutal for them to hang around. They were in that tree for over a week getting them eater.
I still see a few robins hanging around. Our weather has been pretty nice ( 40-50 degrees F) so they are not convinced we are really into winter yet I guess.


Robin’s are here in N Florida. I see them by the hundreds. Maybe you just had some slackers? I don’t know where these come from bit we have a ton of them and blackbirds by the thousands right now.


I’d like to swap for a few days! :slight_smile:

40’s / upper 20’s here in KY.


We send them down there to see you for the winter. Take care of them for us my friend.


Fun fact: robins only move slightly south, and are around all year in most of their range. They tend to hang out in swampier spots than they do in the summer.


I’m starting to worry about chill hours


Don’t worry, winter is not going to be over yet for a while


Hit 41 this morning here in Neptune Beach we should of had our first freeze by now but nothing in sight! Supposed to be in the 70s from thursday through the weekend!


Haven’t seen a robin in months… Haven’t really seen much in the way of wildlife…squirrels have been active with no snow or cold…

Looks like Weds morning will be single digits a shot of cold is on the way tomorrow.