How is your weather?


We may be sub-zero Wed night, and then back in the 40’s Fri/Sat.


Nope, most things even in Kentucky have had enough chill hours to bloom and grow…if spring came this week.

(And it’s not spring until March…and we have had snow in May.)


We are on a roller coaster this week…tomorrow sunny and 32…then cold…then warm-up Fri/Sat culminating in possible record temps in the 50s…then a possible ice/snow event Sat. night.


same here. not complaining about the lack of -0f temps and deep snow though.


Currently 29 and clear…but up to one inch snow in the morning…then 46 for a high.


Typical winter day. :sunglasses::sun_behind_small_cloud:


-13 now, warming up to 6 today.

It always seems to get colder right at sunrise. -16 now


This is absurd even by Florida standards. 80s this weekend. Keep in mind I am about a 45 minute drive from Georgia. Still no freeze in sight which means it will probably be a doozy in a couple weeks.


FIrst snowstorm of the winter on the way (as opposed to the snowstorm of the fall)


Was out in Colorado over Christmas, did some skiing and the girls got a chance to go dog sledding…Bitter cold, several of the days it barely made single digits …nice to visit and enjoyed the snow for a bit but we were happy to get back to balmy Florida. Not sure how folks can deal with that 3 and 4 months out of the year…

Mornings have been chilly the last few days (low 40’s)…expected to get up to mid-70’s later today and warming through the weekend…


i say it the other way. 3 yrs. ago i went to Parris land, SC to see my son graduate from Marine corps boot camp. temp was 100f + with 80% humidity the whole week! even under A/C i was dying! watching those road crews working in that made me feel bad for them. how the heck you guys deal with that heat is beyond me! if its cold ,you can dress up but when its brutally hot, its miserable no matter what you do. i guess you guys get used to it like we do. i can stand out on a frozen lake ice fishing in -0f with the right gear. i guess you guys would call that insane. :wink:


we’ll see close to 100 degree days in the summer with 100% humidity…To your point you learn how to cope with the environment and how you dress is key…I was well dressed to be outside in those conditions, multiple layers and what not, but once I got cold that was it…down here when it’s hot you just do things a bit more slowly…I might call ice fishing in 0 degrees a bit crazy…


It is in the 50’s these last few days here in SW Ohio. It is supposed to rain the next two days here. I am actually sitting outdoors at my patio table and chairs on my computer now. Interesting weather for January.


One day reprieve. Mid 20s today. Back to single digit highs and below zero lows for the foreseeable future starting tomorrow. Daily snowshoe trek is starting to get old, but there’s an awful lot of winter left.


Short Range Forecast Discussion
NWS Weather Prediction Center College Park MD
307 PM EST Thu Jan 09 2020

Valid 00Z Fri Jan 10 2020 - 00Z Sun Jan 12 2020

…Heavy rain, flash flooding, and severe weather will increase throughout the day on Friday across the central U.S. ahead of a developing low pressure system…

A strengthening trough will be in place over much of the western states into the weekend. Meanwhile surface fronts will slowly move eastward while providing a focus for a broad area of 1 to 2+ inches. The rainfall coverage and intensity will steadily increase along the High Plains, Midwest and for portions of the Mississippi Valley where Gulf moisture will feed northward near the fronts resulting in an additional 1 to 3 inches. Due to the slow progression of this system, storm motion will be slow and expected to track over the sames area. This will become become problematic as soils become saturated. A large portion of the central U.S. will likely reach or exceed flash flooding conditions. The area will the best possibility for excessive rainfall spans from northeast Texas to southwest Missouri, with a broader area from eastern Texas/western Louisiana to southern Michigan. Additionally, the Storm Prediction Center has outlooked a Moderate Risk of severe weather on Friday for parts of the Southern Plains to Lower Mississippi Valley.


We’ve been around 50 this week in Nebraska, and have planted some black walnut seeds in areas that would often be frozen (unless insulated by snow). Planting seeds in January. I’m not complaining!


Expect flash flood watches to be issued from east Texas northward in the mid MS valley.


Rain this morning… streets turned to ice skating rinks but salt trucks were out in force…

This winter has been so weird…its like the longest fall ever… not really cold yet…not really winter in these parts…


“wintry mix” on the way


Day 1 Convective Outlook
NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK
0652 AM CST Fri Jan 10 2020

An outbreak of severe thunderstorms is possible later today through tonight, with the most dangerous portion being tonight into early Saturday morning with a potential derecho and embedded strong tornado risk . Primary changes this outlook are to expand the Moderate Risk east across the Lower MS Valley and increase tornado probabilities for the evening/overnight period.