How is your weather?


My last crimson sweet was “eh”…the seeds inside were sprouting. It weighed 31 pounds, but not great.

.60 of rainfall last 24hrs. Everything got a good watering. wind change now with lowering dews. Friday shows highs in the mid 60Fs…not bad.


Naefs shows cooling out west in the extended. Not sure if that means anything for your area…but warm/hot for these parts

—day 8-10…


Mmm … what a great melon. Our market supply comes from inland areas. I’ve tried growing them in my locale but the heat is not consistent enough.


It takes a pretty strong cold front where I’am (inland) this time of year. We may dip to the 70’s for a day or two, but our average is still pretty close to mid 80’s.


Fall rolling in tonight, finally. It’s supposed to be about 90 today, but that very slow cold front should be coming thru this evening. Tomorrow? Hi 75, lo 50, perfect. Would be nice to get a little bit of rain, tho. I actually had to water my strawberry plants yesterday, it’s been that dry.


I’m growing two types of strawberries: Fort Laramie and White Alpine. If I don’t water them twice per week they die back. :slight_smile:


I have Earliglow and Jewel, that were planted back in June, after the original planting got washed out in a flood in May. The new plugs all took and sprouted, but some varmit bit the leaves off a lot of them about a month later. They did come back eventually, but I had let the weeds and grass engulf them over the summer, lazy on my part.

But I did get out there last week and cleared the weeds out from around them, and they already look like they’re doing a lot better. Some of them are putting out runners. I watered them because they’re kinda exposed to the sun more, and it has been dry. They seem to be OK, but I’ll have to be more watchful of them. I think being in that thicket of weeds prob protected them more from drying out, plus there’s lots of dew overnight. But, I will have to be more diligent about them now.


Mine are in a different situation …



Oct 3 2017 weather


throw some straw or wood mulch around them. keeps weeds at bay, holds in moisture and keeps berries from rotting when they lay on the ground.


In the Seattle area,the weather has been just about perfect,low 70’s,but I know it won’t last.This isn’t San Diego. Brady


Inadequate amounts of rain, mostly falling on other places


Just when it seemed I could cut back on watering …



The remainder of Hurricane Nate is moving our way. It has been dry recently and we can use the rain.


Yeah, we hit low 90’s again yesterday too. I have cut back my lawn irrigation with the shorter daylight hours.


We had a front come thru overnight, about 3am it started to rain hard. This morn about 9, we had already got 1.9", with maybe another inch or two expected from Nate. We definitely need it, we’ve gone about 5 weeks without anything. I know the fruit plants/trees are loving it.

It got close to 85 yesterday, so that will prob be the last we see of the 80s for a while.


We got 1/2 inch over 3 days, nowhere near enough but the grass is starting to turn faintly green again


Last measurable rain here was March :wink:


Rain, with a little wind in the high 60’s during the day! Nate will be spitting rain for the next few days!


a storm overnight and tomorrow, 6-14" of snow predicted. I guess summer is really over