How is your weather?


How’s our weather? Dry, dry, and more dry. And keep in mind, this is our “rainy season”.
I’m in Livermore.


The GFS is jumping all over … now showing rain again Tuesday… but yeah if we don’t get some snow cover temps aren’t going much below 0F… Wait and see i guess. Still a very odd winter around here…


Well we dodged a bullet here…system is moving out with less rain than predicted and no freezing rain(!!!). Snow is now gone. Trying to get rid of a cold…if I feel better Wed. looks good for more apple tree pruning 40 & partly sunny. Noreaster on the horizon for next Saturday.


The up and down weather here in Texas has awoken my White Pakistan and Valdosta mulberries(pictured below). A few years ago my area had a last frost date in mid February. Hoping that’s the case this year, but you never know. Long term doesn’t look too good. I need to look into how to protect these suckers for potential low 20s(which we hit last year in March). Y’all have any suggestions?


you dodged. we got hit square with 18in. of fresh powder. sleds been ripping by on the trail next door.


3 inches of snow last night and another 3 moving in now… winter is here…


snow storm forecast this week PNW.


another 3 or 4 inches of snow… don’t think this is melting for awhile.

Mild today… tomorrow nite should be a cold one.


Looking good for snow on Fri into Sat… maybe a lot… big storm on the GFS but that can change quickly…after we should drop well below 0F both Sun morning and again Tues…


9-18" of snow between now and Saturday. Then 35+ mph winds kick in. Gonna be ugly if the forecast is close to accurate.


Yeah… looking at a good shot of 6+ inches in most of this area… Going to have a pretty good snow pack down by Sunday.


It’s January 15, halfway thru meteorological winter, and here, at least, it’s just getting started.


-0f temps coming next week . getting several small snowfalls the next 5 days. just enough that i need to ssnowblow.


Winter began here right around Halloween.


end of oct. and all of nov. were colder than dec. to present here.


It tried that here, but it was transitory.


Raining here now, about 45, but supposed to clear out later today. But, also going to get cooler (seasonal norms) starting tomorrow. Haven’t had any appreciable snow yet this season. Ground is pretty squishy again, due to more rain last weekend.


Ya, I knew folks well south of here had a blast of winter early but then it warmed up. My Mom lives north of Madison, WI and they haven’t had much of a winter either.

Winter hasn’t been transitory here…at all.


Snowing this afternoon…must be the cold air that is going to push in here for the next 24hours…should be a very chilly morning tomorrow… quick warmup with the storm incoming for Fri/Sat… going 6 to 8 inches here…


It was bad in Oct because the trees were still leafed out, and the heavy snow caused a lot of breakage. Otherwise, the stuff was gone in two days