How is your weather?


Silly me…I thought citrus was the only winter crop in North Florida. My PAF blackberries and Flordahome pear seem to be enjoying this mid-January weather.


GFS has -18F monday morning…but there looks to be more mild air to finish out Jan so nothing strange for here…


What does GFS have for DuPage county IL?

WU has like +3


-18 the forecast low from NWS for tonight. Wind chills well into the -30+ range. Right now it’s only -6 and the wind chill is -27


Looks like low single digits below 0F… Sun/Mon/Tues all have a chance at going subzero… Nothing like last year…good thing is it comes and goes pretty quickly and we should be back to boring/mildish weather for the rest of the month.

-2F this morning…


-24 with a -39 windchill right now. I wouldn’t be broken hearted if that’s as cold as it gets this winter.


Our updated forecast for today is 6-9 inches of snow which is a good thing considering the cold temps in the forecast over the next 10 days.


That’s insane right there. How’s it possible we are even in the same country atm? Lol it’s just over 50° here at 7:47AM.


It was lot colder in parts of North Dakota this morning than it was here.


That is cold… :slight_smile:


I’ve driven down the keys…it’s a different country down there…get south of Okeechobee and its like the tropics with rare shots of cold air few winters…coconut palms… Could never live there but it would be fun to grow tropicals…

sunshine at least today.


I bet. It’s just crazy the extreme differences. Weather will do its thing, at the end of the day.


6-9" today and tonight. Ground blizzard tomorrow with 35-45 mph winds and -20 to -35 windchill. I saw on the news that MNDOT is using dozers to push snow as far back off the Interstate as possible in western MN to help with drifting. Looks like it’s gonna be ugly.


Wind here was crazy last night. Thankfully, it only had about 4-5 inches of snow to blow around…still some sizable drifts in some areas though.


supposed to get nasty here the next couple days with
-0f windchills.


Snow is a few hours out here… Can you imagine rush hour tonite on 94/52/i90… holy cats it is going to be ugly… I’ve driven 52 south out of the cities during an ice storm years ago and those were probably the worst driving conditions i’ve ever experienced…like you couldn’t go more then about 25 or 30mph…cars would pass but they would go flying off the road …witnessed that several times…no better time to be in a hurry then in an ice storm :slight_smile:


Just started snowing in Des Moines. Can’t see 75’ off the end of the deck. We’re supposed to get 3-5" with ice in the middle of the day.


Looks like about 8°F overnight last night in beautiful, bustling downtown Sheboygan, WI. Snow tonight, and more cold Sat and Sun night.


I once drove from the west side of Oklahoma City to TX/OK border, not much more than 100 miles on I-40 in 8 hours. Nothing but ice. At that point, 3am, I did a 720 spin in the middle of the road. But I did get home by dawn.


At least it’s Friday. Traffic in the cities is always a lot lighter on Friday. If you’ve never been in a blizzard in western MN or the eastern Dakotas…consider yourself lucky. There is nothing to slow down the wind for miles and miles and miles. It’s crazy


Snows and sleets now with wind blows up to 30 mph. The temp will drops to -7F at night this coming weekend. Oh well, Z5 weather.