How is your weather?


Some friends of ours lived in North Dakota for a few years and they couldn’t wait to get away (because of the winters). They are in Minneapolis area now.

Snow is building here… few inches already.

Earlier today the gas stations/stores were so busy you would have thought the end of the world was near.


6" of heavy, wet, sticky sn~~ here. Temps to go down to 5—10°F tonite. Temptation is to do the least amount of clearing, but, if I don’t move it all, it’s gonna set like concrete.


Our coldest weather of the year… Just saying…:grin:


Have you had a freeze yet?

Flurries here …only 3 inches of snow fell…so storm was a little bit of a dud… here comes the cold now…was 31F a few hours ago…now 16F.


No. Only two minor frosts. We don’t usually get an actual freeze.


That 28° coming up Tuesday will get you pretty close to a freeze. Looks like your all time record low was a shocking 4°!!. If you ever see that again, you’ll certainly have a freeze on your hands lol :snowman::rofl:


I was living in Highlands County, FL …. if I remember correctly, winter 2008/2009? when it got to 17 degrees twice.
(You should have seen the gecko’s falling out of trees and off fences!)


True it can get pretty cold. It almost never lasts more than a day or two though. I’ve had a few busted frozen water pipes but just exposed ones. We don’t have a frost line for pipe burial.

It was 18-24 inches in Ohio when I lived there. It damn sure is hot in the summer though.

My blackberries, hyacinths and Chestnut are getting buds. Nothing open yet. My horseradish is massive and happy as hell right now. And I’ll plant onions and potatoes pretty soon and probably some lettuce and carrots. Probably mid February. Those will withstand a few mild frosts if we get any.


Don’t get to feeling too secure, there’s likely to be a cold snap in February, maybe more than one. Based upon through Jan 18th, my part of Kentucky should be rated Zone 8b…so obviously we’ve not had winter yet!
We are Z. 6b.


-2 with a -25 windchill. Should give an idea of how strong the wind is


Holy crap!!!


Oh yeah. Our last frost is usually mid March to early April. Some years we get several frosts some years none. Really hard to say. 8B is a weird zone being close to the gulf but only 25 miles from Georgia.

I don’t worry much about it. I just plant things that can withstand frost up to late March. Then I’ll go full on. I didn’t do much last year I was exhausted from work and waiting for a knee replacement in November. I was struggling most of the year with the knee. I’m doing well now and looking forward to doing more items with less of each veggie this year :grin:


Well bundle up, you’ll be cold soon!:grin:
Our air temp is zero with a 20 mph wind outa the north.


Hahaha!!! My wife and I are originally from Ohio. Me Columbus and her Cleveland. We actually like putting on the sweaters and jackets now and again. It’s that frigid Cleveland type weather we just never want to see again!


Will be starting my tomato and my pepper seeds in a couple of weeks myself. Would love to find a place plant some onion starts too. Just too tough to buy descent size property in these parts.


I know what you mean. I’m fortunate here. I’ve been growing the Texas 1015 super sweets here with great success. I bought the whites and the reds this year. I was very fortunate a few years back to be able to buy 50 acres. I use about 3-4 of it to grow on. Hopefully I’ll be successful this year with my Amaranth, sorghum, corn and pumpkin again…


Wind roaring here tonight, temps were mid 50s today, after rain this morning, ended about 3pm. Now it’s 38 and dropping, supposed to be near 20 tonight and not get out the 20s tomorrow. Calling for the teens Sunday and Monday nights, brr, but no snow.


Damn. It’s supposed to drop here too but not near that cold. My Ex is from Ashland. I almost moved up there with the current company I work with. I love Kentucky but that kind of cold just might kill me after 30 years in Florida! LOL… Be safe!


Ashland is about an hour east of us, we go there quite a bit. Nice river town. Also has a Rural King, so all the more reason to go!

Well, I lived in north Texas for 30 years, and love that we get four true seasons here, but believe me, I do not like this part of the year. I spend most of my time here in the winter in long johns.

I was out for a stroll today while it was warmer, but doubt that’ll happen tomorrow. At least it’ll be back in the 50s next weekend. During these brief ‘warm’ spells, I’ve been out working on my trees, clearing fence lines and trying to redo a grape arbor my wife (tried to) build a couple years ago.


That’s actually funny to hear. I planted a dozen muscadine vines last year and they are thriving on the ground. I have a bunch of 4x4’s and am going to trellis them soon. Good luck!