How is your weather?


Low of 27 so far…say didn’t you get a few flurries even, Subdood?


We were in Key Largo in Jan of 2009…i saw frost and a lot of trees did not look happy the one morning. That was the day the temp didn’t get out of the 50Fs for most the day in Key West (high temp was 61F)… Very bad timing because as we left the temps were nearing 80F again…

There really hasn’t been any cold weather in S Florida in years…i’ve actually been on the lookout for a cold snap down there but i see nothing…lots of warmth…


Very true. Although I hate South Florida. It’s become a population issue for us in N Florida. To me, it’s to hot to much. I lived in Puerto Rico for 3 years and the temps. Were much more comfortable there then S Florida. They are bringing their NE influence and politics up here since they’ve overpopulated the south and most people here really don’t like it. I’m about as far North as you can get and not be Georgia. This is my retirement place and it will never be overpopulated. Not in my lifetime anyway. Tens of thousands of acres of timber land around me. :grin:


I still see a few Florida plates on the road up here this time of year…i need to honk and see if they are lost! Lots of snowbirds around here.

Winter sucks but it is doable. Heck the days are already getting longer…and i could never live in the tropics…my body hates high humidity. I would much prefer California but the population there is even crazier then S Florida…and unless you have Mark Zuckerberg money you are living in a cardboard box.

0F this morning… still haven’t had many subzero temps yet this year.


I use to dislike winter when I lived north of Madison, WI.

I really, really dislike winter now that I live in central/west central MN. I love it here from April through November(ish), but December through March really wears me out.


many people move up here to get away from the cities but most don’t come here in the winter. after they have gone though a few, many move more back south. just too severe for most people to take. theres just not much to do here in winter unless you like to ski, sled or icefish but that requires you to go out in the cold. many of my old schoolmates that stayed here, all snowbird to somewhere in the south or west in winter. i plan to do the same.


Very true regarding Cali. Where I’am, it’s considered “affordable” (by California standards) at about $600/sq ft. or $900,000. for a 1500 sq ft. ranch style house.


Yeah, we got some flurries this morning, but it’s mostly sunny now. The wind’s blowing and 29, so it’s pretty raw out there now. Good day for some chili and watch some football. Calling for 17 tonight, yikes.


Locally we’ve had quite a few huge senior living facilites go up… I’ve thought who is staying here if they have a choice to go somewhere warmer…but i guess if you don’t need to go outside it isn’t all that bad. Luckily this year winter just started…but who knows how bad March?April will be… we haven’t really had a mild spring lately…this year will probably be a turd again.


A neighbor just sold a ranch house probably that size (although we have basements here) for $161K… but it sold very quickly … they probably had mulitple offers because there just isn’t much in that price range.

Long range shows no cold air…looks mild for this time of year.


Looking like a heatwave is in the works for areas to the north of me… a very mild pattern is about to take over. This winter might end up being a very mild one here. I’ve got about 7 inches on the picnic table so the snow is going nowhere…


If low 30s is a heat wave, then yeah. I’ll sure take low 30s over -30s


The cold stays bottled up well to the north… this could come back to haunt us later though…it probably will…

Jan 30th…

Even California should really warm up into the mid 70Fs or better… nice time to head west.


bring it on! :wink:


Well, there is bound to be a silver lining there somewhere…if the cold stays ‘bottled up’ in the arctic, the icecaps will grow, and maybe the “Ice caps are melting, going to flood the world” hysteria will slow down bit.


Supposed to be the lowest temps of the year so far in Neptune, Beach currently at 51 at 230 pm should fall to around 35 tonight. Freeze watch inland. Think im gonna hold off pulling the succulents inside for another night. I have a mango thats starting to bloom that I think I will bring in to be safe though.


True…keep the cold contained where it should be… Alaska should get a nice cold stretch again… Enough snow up this area to keep temps contained to the 30Fs or so…maybe a little warmer if we melt some. Trees are still very much dormant.

Jan is running +5.5F for the month…so pretty mild… coldest temp has been -5F so far… Very different from last Jan.


its been mild winter here too. not as mild as you but we’ve only had a handful of -0f at night. totally different than the last 2 winters that had a month of -20f during the days. 2 winters ago we had quite a few -30f during the day.


-24 here last week Thursday morning. Funny what a big difference a few hours can make. It certainly hasn’t been as cold here as last year was (so far anyway), but we’ve had plenty of below zero temps since early November.


It’s been too mild. The stone fruit is waking up. This has happened the last few years. Seems to be the new norm.